Wash your face with these five things to keep your skin from getting older


Wash your face with these five things to keep your skin from getting older

Every woman wants to have an old look. As long as she masters the secrets of washing her face, she can prevent wrinkles on her face and delay skin aging.

When you wash your face every morning, you can add the inconspicuousness in your face wash to tighten the skin.

  What kind of skin care effect is good for washing my face in the morning?

  1. Rice vinegar can be properly added with vinegar when washing your face in the morning, because vinegar can change the pH value of the skin and soften the stratum corneum, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses, so that the pores become smoother and smoother and prevent infectious skinDisease, please choose pure natural rice vinegar, continuous use can enhance the nutrition and moisture in skin cells, make the skin more shiny and increase its elasticity.

  2. Green tea mixes the right amount of green tea water and water together to wash your face. The green tea contains polyphenols which are rich in antioxidants, have antioxidant effects, remove free radicals that cause skin aging, and prevent skin aging.

Especially for people who are facing computer problems, washing face with green tea water can resist radiation, and the intake of acid contained in it can inhibit melanin deposition and prevent allergic reactions.

It can also relieve dry skin and assist in the treatment of eczema.

  3. Add two small spoons of salt to the face wash and mix well. This will remove the cutin, help to astringent the skin, soothe allergic skin, and also remove oil from the skin.

Especially when the skin has blackheads, you can use salt to rub gently to make the skin more transparent and tender.

  4. Honey Honey contains amino acids, vitamins and sugars needed by the human body, which can quickly heal skin wounds, have anti-aging and prevent skin dryness effects, for dry and normal skin, you can put three dropsHoney is placed in the face wash. After washing the face, it can be gently patted and massaged to absorb the nutrients.

  5. Washing the rice with Taomi Shui after heating the day can help moisturize the skin, because the surface of rice will be rich in potassium ions, maintain the acid-base balance of the face, and it is very, very mild, non-irritating and non-toxic to the skinSide effects, suitable for large pores and oily skin that breeds acne.

  Warm tips to develop a good habit of washing your face in the morning and evening. You must take off your makeup after going home at night to prevent chemicals in the cosmetics from blocking the pores and causing skin problems.

Get enough sleep every day, avoid staying up late, exercise properly, and remove garbage from your body by sweating and defecation.

Develop a good habit of regular bowel movements, eat more leafy greens and fruits, and don’t dehydrate your body.