I fell in love with her after one night stand


I fell in love with her after one night stand

An incident happened half a year ago, but I still can’t get out.

I can’t help but want to call her, text me, and meet her.

Reason tells me that it is dangerous to go on like this, but my heart is like a man with a restless head, and God knows how much effort it will take me to control it.

Sometimes I even think, forget it, I’m no longer struggling, just find someone to get married. I want to enter into what she calls the circle, love and marriage are really what she said?

  I used to be a positive young man, but the meeting of just ten days six months ago, I was completely changed.

Although I was not unusual in appearance, I was still neat and clean, but I knew that I had become crazy and turned into a copy of her.

I don’t know what tomorrow will be somehow.

  When he said this, Xiang Jie’s expression was abnormally calm, as if he had really given up the struggle, or he was exhausted.

  It was the afternoon of November 24 last year, and I just finished a large project design. I decided to go online and relax myself.

In the chat room, my eyes stopped on a name-Xin Lan.

I like blue.

So I took the initiative to say hello to her.

She said she was a teacher, which made me feel more intimate with her and decided to talk to her.

My mother and sister are teachers, so I have always liked teachers since I was a child.

Some things are like this, seemingly accidental, but inevitable.

  She didn’t seem to be in a good mood, and responded to me without saying a word.

I think it’s understandable. After all, it’s normal to not be aware of, and to be prepared and reserved.

After half an hour, maybe I saw that I hadn’t walked away. She suddenly said to me, “I went online to find someone.

“I know this question is very sensitive, but I still asked:” Who are you looking for? ”

“I was stunned by her answer:” The person I love, my lover.

“I didn’t expect her to be so frank.

I asked, “Did you find it?

“She said,” I found it, but I didn’t dare go up and talk to him.

“Then she opened it like she opened the box.

  She is 27 years old, married, and has a child, but her heart is concerned about another man.

Every day at work, she goes online to see if he is online.

Sometimes she watched in pain as he walked in and out to chat with other women.

  I comforted her.

Later, because of something, I hurried off the line, and the two of them left each other on the phone.

  When I was off work the next day, sitting on the rickety bus, watching the rushing street scene and the crowd, I suddenly remembered my heart.

Almost for a moment, I deeply felt the pain in her tone yesterday, and the urge to comfort her suddenly filled my heart.

I turned the number and sent her a greeting message.

  If I send that text message without neurosis, maybe nothing will happen later.

  One week after I heard that admiration, we almost talked in text messages.

  She told me about her marriage.

At home, her husband asked her to do almost nothing, took the initiative to take care of housework and take care of the children, and the children were very obedient.

I thought she was actually very happy, so I asked her, “What else are you missing?
“She said,” Passion.
Ten months after marriage, there is no happiness at all.

My life is too bland.

“I think her words are incredible. If so, how did our parents come here?

  Regarding her and that man, she didn’t hide anything from me. I even felt that she had a desire to talk.

  The man was named Kang Yuanming and was a civil servant.

After meeting on the Internet, he cared about her very much. Later, the two had a relationship.

She was unwilling at first, but after she accepted she found that she fell in love with him uncontrollably.

They had talked about being a lover and not affecting each other’s family, but then she couldn’t.

Later, his wife found out about them and came to find her personality, so she couldn’t bear it and couldn’t find him anymore.

And he began to avoid her.

He even said to her, “You are not my only woman, but you are the best.

“Although she understood that she was only one of his stations, she could no longer take back her love for him.

So, she started to look for him online, monitor him, and even went to the telecommunications business office to print out his call list, and repeated numbers appeared in them, one by one.

And I think the thing she did the least is that a few days before we met, she found a suspicious number in his call list, suspecting that it was a new netizen he knew, called it, and the other party admittedNow, she said that she was going to talk to the other party.

I think her IQ has dropped to zero.

Go to other women to negotiate, what is her identity?

Moreover, the more she did, the more Kang Yuanming annoyed her and alienated her.

  She said that she didn’t fall in love with Kang Yuanming because of material or practical reasons. She didn’t care about him, she only loved him, but she was so miserable.

In my heart, love is still a very pure thing. Although her behavior is a bit apostate, I still have some feelings. I think she really loves him.

I said, “People like you are running out.

“She said,” I am like this now, and I won’t. I will care about him if I am with someone later. ”

“We text every day, and the topic always revolves around her relationship with Kang Yuanming.

Talking to her quickly became a habit for me, and I often sat by the station while texting while in the car.

Imperceptibly, my feelings have gone beyond the line between the listener and the comforter, and I didn’t even know it.

  One day, she sent me a text message, which she just sent to Kang Yuanming and asked to break up.

She asked me what I thought.

I said, “It’s dangerous to continue this relationship.

“She called over immediately.” Do you know? ”

I used to verbally break up with him, but as soon as I met, I forgot about it.

This is the first time I told him by text message.

I hope I can do it this time.

“But it turned out that her self-control was really bad.

  In fact, at that time, I no longer wanted to play this listening and comforting role, because knowing that she was not doing well, my mood would be disturbed and I would be very unhappy.

But every day, I couldn’t help wondering what she was doing and how I felt.

  On the afternoon of the twelfth day we met, she suddenly called and said she wanted to come out and ask me to accompany her.

Although I had a premonition that we would meet one day, I did not expect that day would come so fast.

I said I might be late from work, and she said she could wait.

  I was very embarrassed to meet that day.

When I got off the bus, I almost fell over.
There were 3 stops to the designated location, but I couldn’t stop the taxi. In the end, I had to run all the way.
When she saw me, I was sweating and panting.

  And when I saw her, I suffered-she was beautiful and had an angelic face.

From that moment, I was hopeless.

  After dinner, we walked together for a while and the next thing was to push the boat down the river.

I admit that I have very poor self-control, and she can refuse me, but I cannot refuse.

  Something happened, and the situation changed qualitatively.

  After sending her away, I lay alone on the bed, regret and cause it.

I know she’s just doing this in revenge for someone who doesn’t love her.

She put all her heart on Kang Yuanming, but he had nothing to do with her, so she wanted to find someone to go too far, even if it was just relying on it.

She once told me that she wanted to have Kang Yuanming.

After meeting me, she felt like I was the substitute.

For me, this happiness came too early. After all, she is a family. I don’t know how far we can go, and what should I do.

  Who knows the future? Her actions once again caught me off guard.

  The next day, I called her.

In fact, I was very contradictory when I made that call. I said that I wanted to be confirmed, but I just wanted to hear her voice.

She told me not to look for her anymore, saying that the two of us had ended, nothing had happened, nothing.

I froze for a long time, and finally promised to respect her decision, but asked to meet.

  She said: “It’s like two people walking in the night, snuggling up to each other in the dark, and at dawn, they should set off.

“But, if I want it to be an anime, or a one-night stand, I can’t do it.

Before we met her, our hearts were close together, and when she broke the net and came out to me, when I overlapped her pain with her specific image, I wanted to comfort herThe impulse became stronger.

  She wanted to erase everything and didn’t want to meet.

In a hurry, I said something silly: “If you don’t see me, I’ll go to you.

“Actually, I’m also scared of anything extraordinary I would do.

I tried to control myself and didn’t call her for two days, but on the third day, I couldn’t help but dialed her number again.

She said she was on the way to work and called me half an hour later.

That half an hour was really the most tortured dinner of my life.

When her phone finally arrived, I said, “You won, I can’t survive it.

Since you don’t want to meet, then don’t see it.

“I then sent her a few text messages, and she didn’t reply.

Within a few days, she had been sentenced to two people.

  Later, I met her again on the Internet, but I didn’t dare go up to say hello to her.

Looking blankly at her name on the screen, I made a sudden choice, wasn’t she the one she was when we first met?

At that time, I approached her with a heart of comfort and salvation. Who would have expected that my concentration was not enough and she became a “depression virus” infected person.

  I can control myself not to call her, but I cannot control myself to not want her.

I always think: what is she doing?

Are you happy?

Every day, I turn on the computer and wait for her online.

Every day, my head is wooden, and my mind is on her when I go to work.

I always look forward to meeting her on the way to work. Even if I don’t talk, looking at her from afar is also a god’s care for me.
In order to forget her, I deleted her number from my phone.
But every time I go through the telecommunications business hall, I always want to rush in and print out my previous call list, looking for her phone number.

I still want to contact her.

  After the Spring Festival, I ran back to Wuhan early.

I have a dream: maybe she has changed her mind and wants to see me.

As a result, I was certainly disappointed.

  In February, I finally couldn’t hold back and talked to her online.

I asked her how she was doing, and she said it was fine.

I said I accidentally lost her number and she told me.

After that, I sent her a text message every two days.

Although she never returned, my heart felt much better.

  I’m still suppressing myself, I’m afraid I will be her trouble.

Texting her just wanted a corrective feeling of being beside me. I didn’t want to wake up one morning and suddenly found out that her number was an empty number, so I couldn’t stand it.

  On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, I sent her a text message to wish her a happy holiday.

In the evening, she called.

I was hesitant to answer.

And when she hung up, my intellect suddenly collapsed, and I called back like crazy.

  She said she had just had a minor operation and she was having a bad time now.

Without saying a few words, her topic shifted to Kang Yuanming again.

She said she contacted him again.

I know it would be useless to persuade her more.

In fact, she knew everything, and she even advised me that there is no endless feast in the world, asking me to talk about a girlfriend, and don’t waste time on her.

  She is a woman who often makes me feel wasted.

She told me that she had come together with a friend of Kang Yuanming.

“Every day after work, I listen to music for a while and then start harassing two men,” she said.

One was Kang Yuanming, but he never answered the phone.

And another man would chat with me for two hours.

“In her tone, it was a joy that was lost and recovered. She even thought of showing off with Kang Yuanming and breaking up with him again.

This time I wasn’t surprised. I said, “I know you will do something more amazing. You won’t stop tossing.

She argued, “I am very pregnant every day, and my husband has no time to accompany me. I am lonely and I need someone to accompany me.

I asked her, “Do you really love Kang Yuanming’s friend?”

Aren’t you revenge yourself at first?

“It seemed as if the balloon had been pierced in an instant, her voice dimmed:” Yes, I don’t love him.

But at least, I can tell Kang’s news from him.

“If she had just messed up her life before, now I feel she has started to muddy the water in a pool.

The more she played the game, the more dangerous it became.

She was like a spinning top spinning at a high speed and couldn’t stop.

But I was already powerless to help her, and I couldn’t help myself.

  From the next day, she ignored me again.

Then one day, she finally answered the phone and said, “I don’t see you for a reason. You know too much.
You are not married yet, only after you get married, this circle has its own rules of the game.
She also said, “You are still too immature, others just treat me as a snack, and you treat me as a dinner.

“If maturity is what she said, I would rather never be mature.

  I still can’t let go of her. If I could see her, I would rather live a decade less.

Sometimes I hate her very much.

She has subverted my views on love and marriage. Although I am not married, my heart is very close to what she calls the circle.

I don’t know if I can rebuild the beauty.

But soon, I will find a reason for her again. I obviously love her. Why should I hate her?

She is not a bad woman, she just wants to be a good lover, although she is not a good wife, a good mother.

  What will happen to her later?

What will happen to me later?

Who knows.

At this moment, my heart has been emptied and I can only tolerate her alone.