Chapter Two Hundred and Thirteen generous


Morning light。
Chen Qian looked at the big dining table,Tactile:“How nice it is to live here every day……”
At the end,She saw Chen Wenjin holding the golden amulet with him thoughtfully,Can’t help but shout:“Brother what are you doing?”
“It’s nothing,Just thinking about philosophy,can not stop。”Chen Wenjin recovered,Answer with standard。
Chen Qian blinked,Wondering:“You go to the bathroom early in the morning?Did you eat too much yesterday?”
“……I said,Breakfast now,Can you not talk about the toilet??”
“You said it yourself!”Chen Qian’s straightforward questioning:“You usually say that to think about philosophical issues is to go to the bathroom!”
Chen Wenjin recalled,It seems like this before……Then there was Xiaobao at home,Sometimes I was entangled to play with,When he was tired again,Would say that he needs to think about philosophy for a while,Only after thinking about it can I play with Xiaobao。There are more application scenarios like this,So that I forgot to use a single thing before,No wonder Chen Qian misunderstood。
“You will remember,look,Light from outside the window,It was broken by the pattern of the glass and it seemed to be spilled on the table,On the ground。Look at these,You can think about philosophy。”Chen Wenjin decided to correct the application scenario,Can’t always remind Chen Qian of the bathroom。
Chen Qian will watch for a while,Seems to understand,Then ask him:“I will think:It would be nice to live here every day。Is this a philosophical question??”
“Say,Didn’t you dislike big houses before??”Chen Wenjin feels strange,What they have always liked before is the bachelor apartment。
“It seems that they have been fighting less recently,I think it’s also very good here。”
“Live there every day,Need to hire someone,But do you think they can accept to hire a few people for more money than mom’s income??If you don’t invite people,Imagine a scene:Mom asked you to wipe the floor of the house with burlap……”Chen Wenjin hasn’t finished yet,Chen Qian said decisively:“It’s better to come and play occasionally!”