“I agree with speculation,but,Factors that are closer to the front passenger seat have to be eliminated。”Chen Wenjin said,Drive forward,Stop when the turn is close,In this way,The door on the left of the back row is in front of Xiao Xiao。


“This is cheating!Obviously let her sit in the back row!”Wang Shuai strongly protested。
but,Seeing Xiao Xiao but adjusting his direction,Go around the front of the car,Obviously, you still have to take the passenger seat。
Wang Shuai whispered in the car with a smile:“Distance factor excluded。”
Chen Wenjin has nothing to say,The distance factor has indeed been eliminated。
Xiao Xiao wears a seat belt,Moves slowly,Changed into a silver dress,The eyeshadow is also shiny silver,The lip gloss is really red,Silver headband to tie up hair,In and out,Just let the curled hair look simple,But not heavy,It won’t make people feel that it’s very casual。
So-called people rely on clothes,Put it on Xiao Xiao,It’s not just for the beauty,But it can be changed into a different beauty。
The original exquisite and flawlessness is quiet and soft,Now it becomes more dynamic,With wanton radiating charm。
Chen Wenjin has to say,Xiao Xiao like this,Naturally a killer of the opposite sex,Basically, the attribute attack is full。
“Is this changing clothes or changing people?It’s so exciting to go out like this!”Wang Shuai is willing to look carefully,Because it’s really seductive。
“Does it look good?I bought this dress and haven’t worn it,I bought it with Yangyang the other day。”Xiao Xiao said,Looking sideways,Raised his arm and asked:“I always think it doesn’t fit well here,Does it seem a bit uncoordinated??”
Viewed as a ridge and a peak on the side,Where’s the incongruity?
Chen Wenjin thinks this is for fear of not focusing enough,Not long enough……
“Is not very coordinated,too big,The big one can’t coordinate。”Wang Shuai sighed,The deep sadness,Infinite regret that is clearly impossible。
Xiao Xiao’s face blushed slightly,Said something:“Shuai Wang, you are too bad。Chen Wenjin is still reliable。”
“Don’t be fooled by him,He doesn’t know what he is thinking!Me,What to say,But my heart is clean。He just wanted to leave it alone,Who knows how dirty my heart is!”Wang Shuai took advantage of the situation,To show offensiveness to competitors。
“Remind me,The correct expression of your last sentence should be:‘Who knows whether my heart is clean or dirty’,And your words directly define dirty,The difference is just how dirty,This is unreasonable。”Of course Chen Wenjin has to cooperate,Appears to care about the active defense of the image。