White-collar job seekers are willing to discount their salary


White-collar job seekers are willing to discount their salary

A former technician with a monthly salary of 15,000 yuan was successful in applying for a job, and was willing to make a 30% discount on his salary. However, he was told that other candidates with the same qualifications would receive a discount on his salary.

Salary: 30% discount but no discount. Mr. Liu, who was a technical engineer of a gaming company, had a monthly salary of up to 15,000 yuan. He was laid off a while ago.

Yesterday afternoon, when applying for an information technology company, he reported a “three-fold discount” of 4,500 yuan to the personnel manager.

Mr. Liu thought he could successfully apply for a job by lowering his price. However, he was told that a candidate with the same qualifications had offered a “discount” of 1,500 yuan.

  The reporter made a random survey to the personnel managers of more than a dozen companies in Shanghai and found that they have almost all encountered such incidents recently. Foreign trade, logistics and other industries that are most directly affected by the financial crisis have the largest discounts.

“An applicant was originally in the middle of a foreign company’s Shanghai office, with an annual salary of 180,000.

The office was withdrawn last month, and she offered to have a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan. I told her that the current market price is up to 3,000 yuan, and she agreed.

Mr. Wu, a person in charge of a Shanghai-based foreign trade company, told reporters.

Mentality: Stable waiting for machine charging is currently in the “Golden Three Silver Four” recruitment season, transforming the “low-price competition” among previous years.

In addition to the lack of confidence in employment prospects, stable maps, and finding free work to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination or civil service examinations have all become white-collar “low-cost job search”
positions this year.

  Miss Song, who works in the underwear marketing department of a brand in the city, just hired an assistant.

The assistant had two years of work experience, but said in the interview that “it doesn’t matter what the salary is, as long as you pay four yuan.”

After joining the job, she admitted to Miss Song that she was preparing to take the TOEFL study abroad.

Ms. Song told reporters that in fact, she was planning to change her job recently. “As long as I can enter a stable state-owned enterprise, I will do it for 2,500 yuan.

Take advantage of the financial crisis to have children married.

“And on popular websites such as Tianya Forum Shanghai Station, Fence Net, and so on, too many new mothers who just gave birth to their children said that as long as the company pays four gold, it doesn’t matter how low it is.After a year or two, the economy recovered and returned to the arena.

“Motivation: An analysis of workplace consultants with insufficient confidence in the industry’s prospects. The driving force behind the” discount sale “of white-collar workers this year is due to career concerns caused by severe employment.

  In the past years, the biggest motivation for white-collar job-hopping was dissatisfaction with development space and salary and benefits.

However, according to the Zhilian Recruitment Survey, 60% of the white-collar workers still want to change jobs this year.

Judging from the distribution of job seekers’ expectations for salary increases, this year has fallen by half compared to the same period last year.

  In addition, a large number of job seekers have also reduced the importance of the industry to find new jobs as soon as possible, only 17.

8% of workers in the workplace will still choose a firm.

  At the same time, state-owned enterprises are becoming more and more popular because of their stability, while foreign-funded enterprises are slightly less popular than the same period last year.