Measure your sleep quotient


Measure your sleep quotient

Satoshi is not smart, he has “IQ”, he has “EQ” if he can’t, and how much do you know about sleep?

Then test the “sleep quotient”. This concept was originally proposed by the United States, and the Sleep Association also borrowed their test. Although it has no special medical value in clinical practice, it has important reference significance for investigating the sleep quality of people.

  Now it is your turn.

Please try to judge the right or wrong of the following points.


During sleep, the brain is resting.


If you sleep less than the required amount of 1-2 hours, your actions the next day will be affected.


Even if you get enough sleep, boredom can still cause drowsiness.


Keeping your eyes closed can’t satisfy your body’s need for sleep.


If snoring doesn’t affect others or wake you up, it’s not harmful.


Everyone dreams every night.


The older you are, the less sleep you need.


Most people cannot tell exactly when they will be sleepy.


Turning on the loudspeaker volume while driving helps keep you awake.


Sleep disorders are mainly caused by anxiety and psychological disorders.


The human body cannot fully adapt to night work.


Most insomnia can go away without treatment.

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During sleep, the brain is resting × after falling asleep, the body is resting, but the brain is not.

The brain is still active during sleep, preparing for the next day’s awakening and optimal state.


If the number of hours of sleep is 1-2 hours below the required amount, the actions of the next day will always be affected to some extent. √ Sleep is a physiological need.

Most adults need 8 hours of sleep a day to stay adequate.

How do I know my actual sleep needs?

Don’t set an alarm clock before going to bed.

This is your sleep requirement.

Even if you sleep enough, boredom will still cause drowsiness. Of course, people will not have drowsiness when they are active and excited, but once they have rested, or if they are bored, they will feel sleepy.

In fact, what really causes drowsiness is lack of sleep, boredom, and it does not cause drowsiness, or makes drowsiness obvious.

Lying in bed with your eyes closed and unable to meet your sleep needs √ If you do n’t sleep enough, your body is accumulating “sleep debt” and pays for it sooner or later.


If snoring neither affects others nor wakes you up, then there is no harm × snoring indicates that there is a sleep disorder that threatens your health and is called sleep apnea.

People with this condition have high snoring sounds, recurrent attacks at night, and wheezing breathing, which makes them easily awakened.

This will inevitably cause tiredness and sleepiness during the day, and it will also increase the incidence of heart disease and accidents.

In fact, it can be improved after treatment.


Everyone dreams every night √ Although many people do not feel like they ever dreamed after waking up, everyone actually dreams every night.

There are several stages of sleep. If you wake up during the rapid eye movement during sleep, you will remember your dreams.


The older you are, the less you need to sleep × the sleep requirement does not change much in adulthood.

The physical needs of the elderly and the division of the young did not decrease, but they slept less at night and slept longer during the day.

Although it is very common for older people to experience difficulty sleeping, age is not a priority.

If you have trouble sleeping due to poor sleeping habits or health problems, it is best to consult a specialist.


Most people can’t say exactly when they will be sleepy. √ Some researchers asked thousands of people if they felt drowsy. The response was “No”. Some people fell asleep immediately after answering “No”.

So if you are tired while driving, even if you are only a few kilometers from your destination, don’t think you can definitely survive it.


Turning on the loudspeaker volume while driving helps you stay awake × If you feel you ca n’t stay awake while driving, the best expedient is to park and take a nap in a safe place or have a coffee drink.

A two-pronged approach may be more effective. Partly, drink coffee first, then take a nap while the coffee is not working.

But the most effective solution is to take a good rest before setting off.

Investigations have shown that turning on the volume of a loudspeaker is not as effective as chewing gum or opening a window.


Sleep disorders are mainly due to anxiety and psychological disorders. Sleep disorders are caused by a variety of factors, such as sleep breathing, which is caused by interruption of the respiratory tract during sleep; patients with narcolepsy often have severe daytime sleepiness,Or suddenly go to sleep, which is caused by heredity.

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder. Melancholy and stress can cause insomnia, but at the same time, it is only a cause of chronic insomnia or drowsiness during the day in some people.


The human body cannot fully adapt to night work. √ All organisms have a physiological cycle, or 24-hour rhythm.

This affects our turnover of sleep and wakefulness.

When crossing the time zone, you need to adjust your circadian rhythm according to the change of day and night.

While on the night shift, objective circadian rotation has not changed, so its physiological rhythm cannot be adjusted.

So no matter if you are on the night shift or not, you will feel most sleepy at midnight and 6am.

No matter how long the night shift is, sleeping during the day is not easy.

If you do a night shift, try not to drink coffee during the second half of your working time, avoid noise and strong light before going to bed, do not drink alcohol, and do not do this activity.

Most insomnia can be cured without treatment × If you do not pay attention, sleep disorders will not disappear on your own, and letting it develop will only reduce the quality of life.

Current treatments include behavioral therapy (for example, falling asleep regularly, waking up regularly, taking a nap or losing weight regularly), medication, surgery, or contact therapy.