Inside Zong Xueqin’s villa。


Zhong Xueqin is in the bathroom of her villa at this time,Zong Xueqin from top to bottom,Petting myself so。
do not know why,At this moment, Zong Xueqin suddenly sounded that cold figure。
When Zong Xueqin thinks of him,My cheeks can’t help but flush slightly,She sighed quietly:“It’s really rare to see a man who is so confused,His wood,When can I get a hang on it?”
To say that this fate is really a wonderful thing,Zong Xueqin actually liked one,The man who always wanted to make himself fast。
If Zong Xueqin knows all this in the future,I really don’t know what Zong Xueqin thinks。
Impermanence,Good luck。
And at this time,A strong breath suddenly appeared in his villa。
De Zong Xueqin’s face changed suddenly at this time,Picked it up quickly,I wrapped myself in a bath towel。
And then stepped out of this bathroom,Tightly behind the bathroom door。
Zong Xueqin carefully opened the bathroom door,The sight of this beauty going out,It’s really hard to bear,But it’s a pity that no one appreciates this beauty at this time。
And when Zong Xueqin left the bathroom,That powerful breath,Suddenly disappeared。
Zong Xueqin at this time,Suddenly I found a small note on the table,There is a line of small print on the note:“Wu Bin is Xia Chenglong。”
This Wu Bin is naturally Xia Chenglong mixed into Zong Xueqin’s pseudonym here。