“Su Qing also didn’t think that Li Hui will suddenly say this.,The color is also bigger。


“Lee brother,You go to your nephew,I don’t have to manage it here.,I am afraid that your nephew is dangerous.,I was still threatened.。”
Now, Su Qing is also a quick thing to learn.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect that Queue Lin will have such a large energy.。
“Row,I am going to my nephew.,You have to come back,It is best to find a few reliable people together.,I doubt that you have been stared.。”
Lee thought about Apple too much before the wind.。
Sure enough, there is still a problem.。
Fortunately, I found that the comparison is timely,Plus, Queue Lin, this person is still threatened in advance.,I have to know that many people don’t threaten this matter.,That’s all directly。
Hang up the phone,Li Hui said directly to Song Ting.。
Then go directly to the other party。
Song Ting started to feel that he is too nervous.。
After all, she feels that someone monitors themselves.,But think about it doesn’t seem to be afraid of monitors.。
When Li Hui has arrived,She understands the seriousness of things。
“breeze,That Su is no problem.?
Don’t just care me,After all, I am still a policeman.,It should be that I protect you.!”
“sister in law,This is not ordinary people,Do you still listen to me?!”
Say,Li Hui also directly followed Song Ting to the other’s residence。
Then I started searching.。
Search,He is also stunned.。
Because there is no problem with what problems。
Go to the window sill,Li Hui Feng is suddenly feeling that there is a feeling of being monitored.。
Instant,He is also looking forward to the other building opposite.,Sure enough, he found that there is a flying speed on the roof of the roof.。
“breeze,Is there any finding??”
“Forehead,sister in law,Nothing,It should be no monitored,But you have to be vigilant.,I will go out first.,You lock the door.。”
For Li Hui Feng,Song Ting also felt what,However, she still nodded to let Li apart from the wind.。
Li Hui Ruo,I will go directly to the opposite rooftop.。
When he rushed to the roof, it was found that it is empty.。
first,Li Hui Feng felt a tricky opponent。
I didn’t have so many patches in the past。
Just Li Hui’s departure,The top of the roof is once again appeared again.,Directly monitor Song Ting。
Li Hui returned to Song Ting’s room,That kind of monitored feeling made him frowned again。
“sister in law,Come over。”
Seeing Song Ting’s location is the place where the other party can surveillance,Li Hui Feng also thought of an idea。
“whats the matter?”
“Do you have any easy things in this family??
For example, a female dress, a male。”
Li Hui’s words let Song Ting feel a little confused.。
But she still does not hide Li with the wind.,Her family really has these,And full set of。