Peng Yibei, Shi Ying is hired as "Double Creative" tutor of Guiyang Information Science and Technology College


The President of Guiyang Information Science and Technology College Tang Jianrong is a book.

Guiyang Information Technology Institute for Tuxing is the 2018 Youth Entrepreneurship Hero, Guiyang City, Huaxi District, Huaxi District, Industry and Commerce. In 2015, he resolutely abandoned the opportunity to abandon college education, and established a cultivation of a cultivated reading and poetry and poetry.

Hundreds of Chinese unique traditional cultural promotion lectures have been launched in various agencies.

Shi Ying said in the appointment ceremony, Guizhou is broadcasting the first provincial college entry in Guizhou. Since its establishment, China’s excellent traditional culture, Guizhou regional culture, national folk culture, learning, communication, promotion, and various academic exchanges Activity.

Grateful in such an era, can join Guiyang Information Technology College, and innovate with the strength of traditional culture with traditional culture, use traditional cultural sunshine rain, and inject traditional culture into the new era of "pilgrim". Tang Jianrong, the principal of Guiyang Information Science and Technology, said that Guiyang Information Science and Technology College is an engineering university, a multidisciplinary development of multidiscies such as economic management literature, and urgently needs to inject cultural power drove college high quality development.

Next, the school will jointly build the "Guiyang Information Science and Technology College of Guiyang University of Information Science and Technology" in the school, and the school will build a "Guiyang Information Technology College." Just successively.

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