Play abroad advantage to coordinate labor relations efforts to promote the construction of a harmonious labor relationship with Chinese characteristics


[Shanghai University of Trade Union] Deepen the "Six Steps", build a harmonious labor relations, in recent years, Shanghai Trade Union conscientiously implements the requirements of the National Federation of Trade Unions, and constantly improve the development of labor relations, the development of labor relations, risk prevention, consultation, coordination, joint adjustment, Legal aid and other mechanisms, form the "Six Steps", innovating the concept of labor relations governance, maintaining the stability of the staff, and building a harmonious labor relationship.

One is to focus on preventing the risk of resolving labor relations, and strengthening the truth of the touch.

Since 2017, Shanghai Trade Union has established a contradiction mechanism of the fixed-time designated labor relations, focusing on the reform adjustment of mission enterprises and enterprises that affect enterprises and network public opinion, and the United Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau and other departments have established "Regularities , Topic and daily "three types of research and judgment system, strengthen the" discry of the study ".

During the 2020 epidemic, there were more than 180 plurality of plurality of plurality of plurality of plurality of piratory issues, and more than 400 major reforms were adjusted to meet the chamber of commerce, and there were more than 10 potential major labor relations with contradictions. More than 80,000 employees.

Since 2021, the city’s unions have visited more than 60,000 people in the city, including nearly 300 companies with major adjustment tasks in the year. At the same time, through the development of a harmonious labor relationship, "legal medical examination" practical project, "consultation", investigate the risk hidden dangers in labor, reform adjustment, and construction construction, etc.

From January to November this year, 525 enterprises have launched "medical examination" services, covering nearly 130,000 employees, 579 overall assessment reports issued by the labor relations, and 722 rectification recommendations.

The second is to focus on improving the negotiating democratic system, play a mechanism to ensure the effectiveness. Promote the Municipal People’s Congress to revise local legislation and other local legislation, coordinate the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Justice Bureau and other departments to implement the implementation of the "Regulations on Promoting the Stability of Labor Relationships in the Municipal Enterprises" "" "About the city Develop a revised labor rules and regulations, "will be refined into the working path of the negotiated democratic statutory process into operability. The city enterprises fell by nearly 13% year-on-year due to major adjustments. During the 2020 epidemic, the implementation of the United City Enterprise, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Development, implementation of "Doing a good job in enterprise collective consultation during epidemic prevention and control", guiding a large number of non-public enterprises to adjust the labor relations during the epidemic, carry out emergency response, A flexible negotiation of a matter, promoting business and employees have difficulty in consultation. Formulate "Shanghai Enterprise Collective Work Norm", integrate the quality of quality assessment standards into it, guiding the grassroots trade union to establish employee participation rate, awareness rate, satisfaction rate, and corporate recognition rate to guide collective consultation system, and effectively improve employees to gain sense, Happiness.

The third is to focus on the integration of the Ping An Shanghai Work Pattern and promote linkage adjustment. In recent years, Shanghai Trade Unions have further strengthened close cooperation with the "three-party mechanism" "four-party cooperation" member units, and promoting trade unions to participate in the contradiction between the labor relations and incorporating the city’s social governance modernization. From the front lead guidance, implement the "harmonious peers" ability to improve the three-year action, and continue to promote the creation of a harmonious labor relationship. 2016-2020, successfully promoted the creation of "Shanghai Harmonious Labor Relations Bids".

"Sanfang Four" jointly focused on the use of non-public and medium-sized enterprises in this city to carry out employment and guidance services, and urged companies to establish a collective consultation and job resolution system according to law.

Actively promote the establishment of a major adjustment of the "trial" mechanism of the three parties in all districts of the city.

From the reverse reverse construction, the company is included in the assessment of the company’s collective consultation and the people’s congress system. Enterprises that violate the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and build them according to law through the "two books".

Since 2018, the city’s trade unions, the city’s labor supervision departments have implemented tarctionary supervision on more than 1,000 companies, and there is more than 200 companies to issue "two books", and more than 90% of companies have changed in time. The fourth is to promote the construction of enterprises and maintain employee rights and interests, and strengthen the trust of the supervision and assistance.

According to the principle of two "respond to the aid", the Shanghai Trade Union insisted on providing "zero threshold" legal aid services for the needs of employees.

In all the city’s labor arbitrals and more than 80% of the courts set up union showcases in the city and district two-level workers’ Legal Aid Center, 422 in the city of all-in-one streets (township, park) Workers’ legal aid service site, specializing in 230 labor relations, instructor and more than 400 working communities, more than 500 law fighters in more than 70 law firms, and doing power to protect the power of power. 2016-2020, continued to invest more than 80 million yuan for special funds, providing legal aid services for employees. During the legal aid process, the two-level trade unions for external migrant workers, difficult workers and family members, the second-level trade unions to hire Shanghai "employment service platform, and provide accurate employment services, and earnestly provide legal assistance and employment services. The organic coherence is effectively formed to prevent the contradiction between the labor relationship and the complete closed loop for employees.