Relax before fitness, did you do it?


Relax before fitness, did you do it?

One of the reasons people choose fitness is to relieve stress. However, according to the latest reports from the American media, modern people’s life has accelerated, and occupational stress has increased sharply.Sometimes exercise does not play a role in reducing stress, but it is counterproductive, leading to mental stress before or during fitness, and some people have stress.

  Tired of running and thinking about sports, think about this scene: After working hard in the office for a day, you quickly drove to the gym after the rush hour, just in time for the rush hour, stopped and stopped all the way to the gym.Then, plunging into the gym, only to find that your favorite fitness machine is already in use.

And without a car, you endure the inconvenience of carrying a truck or subway, and hurried to the gym.

These are enough to make you feel irritable.

  In the United States, a scene is being played every day: men and women who want to exercise are faced with increasing concerns in order to undergo exercise.

  Some gym designs can create stress.

In Southern California, every fitness club is loud with pop music, and many televisions broadcast war and violence at the same time, making a loud noise.

  Even yoga classes that are particularly beneficial for decompression are not always able to decompress.

Elken, a well-known yoga club owner in Los Angeles, said that when others are meditating, from time to time, some yoga practitioners rush in, throw the mats on the ground, and make a noise.

Elken said that these people have not entered the state at all, and have not been relieved from the panic just looking for parking spaces.

  No longer dissipating fitness obesity A fitness instructor, Colbo, said that due to time constraints and the surrounding environment, the original concept of dissipating fitness obesity has changed.

He said: “The current society is exceptional. If you stay in the gym for an hour, you might miss an important call or something else . fitness is an important way to reduce stress, but some people have increased a lot.pressure.

“Some new types of exercise machines also allow someone to check their email while exercising.

Corbo said that in such an environment, people can’t escape the nuisances of life.

  In modern society, there is more and more pressure to surround people. Many Americans can’t help worrying about war, the threat of terrorism, fear of losing their jobs, or being unable to complete the tasks assigned to them by their superiors.

Harvard Medical Professor Herbert Benson said that modern professional women who have become mothers are usually employed, and children and family chores are burnt out. They can’t escape it in the gym. They still have to bear phone calls and emails.Repeated bombardments.

  39-year-old Mary Florence is a publisher in Los Angeles and has an eight-month-old daughter.

In June of this year, she joined a fitness club and insisted on going to the gym several times a week to participate in cycling training.

  Ms. Florence said that it usually took her 20 minutes to reach the gym by car, but she was either stuck in traffic or busy looking for a place to park.

In addition, she must arrive at the gym 45 minutes in advance to earn enough time to go through the process of entrusting her child to a baby-care centre.

Once she was late and the nursing center was full, her fitness for the day would be lost.

As a result, she was particularly stressed throughout the morning. Even if everything was arranged and she could work out, she was still in a tense mood.

  Go to the gym and relax with the advice of a medical expert. If the gym is too noisy or there are frequent traffic jams on the fitness road, you can consider changing the fitness time or even the gym.

However, the expert still suggested that exercise is still one of the best ways to reduce stress. Regardless of the stress when you arrive at the gym, try to exercise properly, and slowly the stress will be relieved.

  There are also people who strive to achieve fitness results quickly when exercising, but they can’t calm down.

Another bodybuilder claimed that not being able to complete the fitness movements that can be done by others will make them feel embarrassed and feel a great increase in stress.