Have you gone to the gym too?


Have you gone to the gym too?

I do n’t know when it started, and more and more people are in love with the gym. Do you also consider joining the gym?

Please take a look at our in-depth report first.

  In some corners of the city, strongly rhythmic pop music came out of the glass windows of the building.

  Young men and women in tight-fitting sports tops and shorts, lined up to run or walk on more than a hundred treadmills by the window, from 6 am to 12 pm, like a constantly changing scene of a moving window.No interruption.

  当运动成为流行  [一进来就会觉得,哇!]It is said that 28-year-old head coach Jian Wenze proudly deserves the visitors’ response at the latest and largest California fitness center in Asia.

  Although some people think that it is ridiculous to arrange a row of muscular men to arrange a jogging and walking machine to face the pedestrians on the street.

  This year, the California fitness center from Hong Kong, which advertises 24-hour fitness, has attracted attention in the prime area of the city.

New fitness equipment and popular American style. It opened less than a year and has more than 10,000 members. In the near future, it will set up a branch in Universal Stores in Ximending.Business cooperation, next to the MRT station, attracted thousands of office workers with a bright and clean building appearance.

  These large fitness centers, which are set up in crowded places, have ignited a fitness wave in the metropolis with a “sports-visible” operating method.

Movie stars have complained about their fitness experience. For a moment, going to the gym is even healthy, as if it is a fashion.

  According to a survey by the Institute of Sports Coaching of Wenhua University, the health club industry in Taiwan has been established every year for more than a decade.
Two of them suddenly increased to more than 15 in a year after 1997.

  According to a questionnaire survey conducted by industry practitioners earlier this year, there are currently 2?
3% of Taipei people have the habit of going to the gym.

[We predict that Taipei’s fitness population is about 10%, and there is still a lot of potential for development,]said Wu Changtai, marketing publicity officer of Gold Medal Fitness Club.

  What causes this fitness trend?

  In fact, the promotion of Chinese people’s health and sports concepts, coupled with the implementation of the weekly rest day, a convenient, safe and relatively fitness center has become another healthy life choice.

  Wang Haowei, a psychiatrist who lacks sufficient space for sports, believes that Taiwan’s congenital environmental factors are also a cause.

  The information circulation and absorption of modern urban people are very fast, and they tend to be European and American. Too many people tend to exercise habits, but they are hampered by the lack of space to practice.

  Summers are hot in summer, and rainy weather combined with polluted metropolitan air makes indoor sports environments attractive earlier.

  Coupled with the long and irregular working hours of people now,[continuous gyms provide the possibility of exercising at any time,]he said.

  The all-weather business method breaks the time limit and also provides a safer sports place for women.

[Especially girls running and running in parks in the evening are very dangerous.]After graduating from a sports college, they have held many management and management positions in fitness centers, said Xu Hanyuan, manager of the operation department of ZTE Fitness Club.

  Hui Ling, who works a lot on weekdays and sells in the military business, likes to go to the fitness center to relax at any time after work.

“Walking on the treadmill, dancing aerobic dance, washing a sauna, you can go at any time, very convenient and comfortable,” the lively Hui Lingshi fitness center is her personal “charging station”.

  Convenient transportation and popularized prices are also the reasons why a large number of consumers are willing to join the fitness industry.

  A few years ago, many fitness centers were in a part, which was expensive, and the membership fee was hundreds of thousands of yuan. Not many people could afford it.

Today the gym is located in the city center, and the transportation is convenient.
3000 yuan cleaning fee, you can have a variety of sports facilities and services.

  The behavior study of the Department of Physical Education of the Normal University for the Taipei Sports and Fitness Club found that members choose clubs based on their proximity to their homes. The number of weekly activities is about 2?
3 times, mostly 2 hours each time.

  The original engineer cut the job. Alexander Huang aerobic fitness coach Huang Xunlong believed that the fitness market had great potential, so he switched from being a part-time coach to a full-time coach two years ago.

  The gym makes sports fun and, with a little exercise equipment and atmosphere, the originally monotonous sports style becomes a game, making it easier for consumers to get closer and participate in sports.

  For example, aerobics has evolved from the United States in 1970 to the present. From the original simple music with simple movements, to today’s combination of various equipment, such as skateboards, bodybuilding sticks, resistance balls, etc., the exercise has become more vivid and interesting.

  All kinds of training equipment, such as treadmills, pedals, etc., become multifunctional space walkers and skiers, which can adjust slope, speed, and more types.

  American fitness experts predict that the fitness center of the 21st century will be the integration of high-tech and sports equipment, just like the scene of the movie[Star Wars].

You can browse, receive emails, send e-mails while running, and even enter your own health problems, and the sports equipment will automatically set the appropriate exercise process and method.
  Many gyms have not yet completed aerobic classes such as tai chi, yoga, qigong, etc. The fitness center is no longer the patent of young people, and the grandmother of the silver-haired can also be active anytime.

  Fitness clubs in the United States are more advanced and have established exercise classes for special groups such as chronic strokes, patients with hypertension, pregnant women, and the elderly.

  It is a completely chain-type fitness center, and gym facilities have been added to the public facilities in many residential areas.

Sang Fuji, a Japanese shochu, and Shuiji, a shogi, which are mainly swimming, attract geographical residents to use it for their geographical convenience.