What to eat after staying up late


What to eat after staying up late

Now many people are night cats, some play until midnight, some stay up late to work, everyone knows that staying up late will hurt you, so what is good to stay up late?

Ten medicated meals to supplement the night owl’s body, let’s take a look together.

  1. Use 10 grams of prunella vulgaris and 50 to 100 grams of lean pork meat each time. Cook the meat with an appropriate amount of water, season with salt, eat meat and drink juice once a day.

It has the effect of clearing liver anger and lowering blood pressure, and is suitable for those with high blood pressure and dizziness, headache and jealousy after staying up late.

  2, dried longan and red date lotus seed snow ear soup, dried a small handful of longan, lotus seeds (soaked for half an hour to an hour in advance), washed the red dates, a large bubble of snow fungus, softened and washed, remove the small tearPiece.
Put these ingredients together in a cold water pot, boil over high heat and slowly boil over low heat.

Boil for one and a half hours (you can also add more water as long as you can), add rock sugar or white sugar to boil and turn off.

It has the effect of soothing qi.

  3, Xuejitang practice: one slice of fresh lily, five golden jujubes, five dried longan.

Put in water, add the right amount of rock sugar, and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

The beauty of staying up late for a long time, quickly restores the complexion.

  4. Use lotus seeds (coreless) 20 grams of lotus seeds, coreless 20 grams of lilies, 100 grams of lean pork meat each time. Add the same amount of water to the pot, and season the meat with salt, once a day.

It has the effect of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs, nourishing qi and soothing the nerves, and is suitable for those who suffer from dry cough, insomnia, upset and palpitations after staying up late.

  5. Fen Ge raw fish soup is washed and cut into 250 pieces each time with Fung Ge, 250 g of raw fish. Remove the gills and internal organs, add water to the pot. After the fish is cooked, add ginger, oil and salt, and fish soup.Once a month or every other day.

It has the functions of rejuvenating muscles, replenishing qi and blood, and relieving myalgia. It is suitable for those who suffer from intramuscular soreness and neck pain after overwork.

  6, raw ground stewed duck eggs 20 grams, 1 to 2 duck eggs, add water and stew them, remove the shells after the eggs are cooked, then add the juice and stew for 20 minutes, seasoned with rock sugar, eat egg juice, once a week or 2To 3 times.

Suitable for those with dry mouth and dry throat and swollen gums after staying up late.

  7, pork loin stew Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia ulmoides 25 grams, 1 pork loin, stew in water for 1 hour, take once a day or every 2 to 3 days, has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, suitable for staying back after staying up latePain and limb weakness.

  8. American ginseng soup with black chicken ginseng 20 grams, black chicken 1 (hairless and viscera), 6 shiitake mushrooms simmered with water, 5 grams of rind, and 3 jujubes. Wash and cook together, 1 to 1.

After 5 hours, add an appropriate amount of salt and season.

Eat chicken for soup.

  American ginseng is slightly bitter and sweet, and can nourish qi and nourish yin.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that American ginseng “tonicates the lungs and lowers fire, regenerates fluids, and removes tiredness.

It is suitable for those who are fictitious and have fire. ”

Long-term lack of sleep is most likely to cause fire and inflammation, which can cause sore throat, dizziness, upset sores, and American ginseng is very convenient.

Black-bone chicken, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, is rich in amino acids and fatty acids; the shiitake mushrooms are fresh and greasy, and the skin is refreshing and appetizing; a little candied dates can be used to replenish the medium.

This diet therapy is suitable for staying up all night long, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry mouth and less food, and those with dizziness and yellowing.

  9, eel yam porridge eel, cut open to the internal organs, yam, 50 grams each of the previous rice, the appropriate amount of various spices.

First put the eel slices in a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, and salt, mix together with yam, rice, and rice once a day.

  Eels are warm in nature, are expected to be high in protein, and they are good for men.

Yam can “spleen the spleen and replenish the deficiency, nourish the essence and strengthen the kidney, cure all the deficiencies, and treat five injuries and seven injuries”.

Therefore, the porridge has a strong tonic effect, making people full of energy and vitality.

  10, 1 turtle soft-shelled turtle soup, slaughtered, cut open and washed, 50 grams of ham, 15 grams of Codonopsis, floating wheat, 10 grams of Poria, Ganoderma lucidum, 6 grams of jujube, 20 grams of onion, ginger, chicken soup,Salt, MSG each amount.

Cook thoroughly in the casserole, drink soup and eat meat.

  Soft-shelled turtles, namely tadpoles, are considered to be sexually yin, and are good at nourishing yin and filling essence, clearing heat and flattening the liver.

Ham contains a variety of essential amino acids in the human body. The Compendium of Outlines states that ham “has nourish the kidneys, nourish the stomach, and tonic”.

Codonopsis yiqi, floating wheat Ningxin, Poria spleen and spleen and water; Ganoderma lucidum can calm and soothe the nerves, improve the body’s immunity; jujube and stomach Jianzhong.

Therefore, this diet therapy is more suitable for those who suffer from chronic lack of sleep, darkened eyes, decreased physical fitness, insufficient gas, and fatigue.