“What did you say?Chen Wenjin’s unreliable words,Who is reliable?”Xiao Xiao is very unhappy,After Wang Shuai knew who her father was,,Suddenly became a monitor。


“Chen Wenjin,Why are not you talking?Is there really a bad attempt?,Can’t guarantee?”Wang Shuai is not forgiving,Chen Wenjin replied irritably:“Not worth refuting!”
“Don’t just make fun of us,Chen Wenjin has a girlfriend,What kind of people are you talking about?!”Xiao Xiao is very upset。
“Good good,Count me wrong,In fact, I also believe in Chen Wenjin’s character,but——Xiao Xiao is a goddess,The character of anyone with strong charm is not worth trusting anymore!This should be placed in ancient times,It’s the so-called overwhelming nation!I don’t know how many countries can beat you to death for Xiao Xiao。What is Chen Wenjin’s character in comparison?Even with my character, it’s still not worth mentioning!”Wang Shuai blows so,It’s over。
Ami is a little jealous,But……She also knows that Xiao Xiao is really worse than her face。
Quiet for a while,Wang Shuai failed to make a plan and made a living,Suggest that:“It’s really early,You can’t practice for too long in a car,I got tired just after I started practicing for a while。I actually drank a lot of alcohol in the past two days,I don’t really want to go out at night,Let’s find a place to watch a movie,I’m going to eat supper。”
“Yeah!”May is willing,Because she doesn’t like drinking,It’s just a lot of people。
May said so,Xiao Xiao himself thinks this proposal is good,Just say:“I’m OK,Where’s Chen Wenjin?”
“Row。”Chen Wenjin thought if he opposed,Wang Shuai is even more worried that he will have an attempt against Xiao Xiao。
Went to the cinema,Wang Shuai offered to watch police movies,He likes this type too,Secondly, he didn’t want to watch romance movies to help Xiao Xiao and Chen Wenjin heat up。
May actually want to watch romance movies,But it’s not good to directly oppose Wang Shuai,Just ask Xiao Xiao what he wants to see,As a result, Xiao Xiao felt the impression revealed by the promotional poster of the romance film……Doesn’t seem to look good,She said it’s okay to watch police movies。
This way,May I have no hope。Chen Wenjin doesn’t need to ask,obviously,Most men like police action movies。
Shortly after the movie opened,Wang Shuai found out that he was wrong。
Whenever there is a shooting scene,Xiao Xiao will be very nervous、Frightened like that、Involuntarily whispered,Then grabbed Chen Wenjin’s arm。