Brilliant this five years | National High-tech Zone Rank Jiangsu Province for four consecutive years of overall carry: innovation "core" high-tech zone is more than leaping


  Convergence Call Recently, in Shenzhen, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou High-tech Zone, in the Dawan District Innovation Development Promotion Conference, Suzhou High-tech Zone, in the Sports Health and Technology Laboratory, China’s Sports Health and Technology Laboratory, China Respiratory Health Intelligence Science Center, etc. 68 projects The amount of contract is 52.2 billion yuan! "Suzhou High-tech Zone has created 10% of Suzhou 10% of the total economic amount, achieving average growth rate of GDP40% and fiscal revenue." In the event, Suzhou High-tech Zone Party Work Committee Secretary, Huqiu District Committee The secretary is introduced by Mao Wei. Like Suzhou High-tech Zone, in recent years, the high-tech districts of Jiangsu have been self-innovation as the pilot and link, which has strongly promoted the innovation and development of various aspects such as cities, parks, industries, companies, talents, and institutional mechanisms. Double invalvous energy compete. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the Jiangsu provincial level has increased to 54, including 18 national high-tech zones, the number of national residents, is the first province in the country to achieve the full coverage of the national high-tech zone.

In the 2020 high-tech zone evaluation in the Ministry of Science and Technology, Jiangsu maintains overall carry in 4 consecutive years, 5 national high-tech zones enter the top 30 in the country, including the 4th in Suzhou Industrial Park, 12th in Nanjing High-tech Zone, all created The best results in history. "In recent years, we have seriously practice the important instructions of General Secretary, General Secretary, on the important instructions of Jiangsu work, according to the decision-making deployment of the national and provincial committees, the provincial government on the work of high-tech zone, and focus on the construction of the high-tech zone an innovative drive development demonstration zone and The goal of the high-quality development zone ” goal, in-depth implementation of innovative driving development strategies, and vigorously promotes the high-quality development of high-tech districts in the province and has achieved remarkable results.

"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Science and Technology Department introduced the high-tech zone to create the province’s% of the province’s high-tech industrial output value, gathered in the provincial level of provincial talents, high-level talents and 47% high-tech Technical enterprises have become the most competitive innovative highland of Jiangsu, the highland of talent highland and industry.

  In particular, 9 national high-tech districts of Southeast, have become the leading army and the principal front of the construction of scientific and technological strong provinces in the country’s cross-regional self-cultivation zone. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Jiangsu Province promulgated the implementation of the "Southern Self-innovative Demonstration Zone Regulations" for urban agglomeration, and took the lead in the introduction of "Southern Southern Self-innovation Demonstration Zone Integrated Development Implementation Plan" to explore cross-regional clusters. Development of new paths – Southern Southern China, the park is strong and strong, seek common development, Nanjing and Zhenjiang to build a G312 industry innovation corridor; Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou jointly sign "Su Xuan Zhujian Taihu Bay Science Basin Proposal" The three high-tech districts of Su Xuan took the lead in exploring the establishment of a government service integration mechanism; 76 provincial scientific and technological research projects across the city accelerated … 2020 .

  As a "core area" in the province, the high-quality development of high quality development is heavy. In December last year, the provincial government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of High-tech Industrial Development Zone in the province", in the deepening system reform, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing independent innovation capabilities, etc., fully stimulate high-tech District innovation development vitality. In Jiangsu’s "14th Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Innovation Plan, the "implementation of high-quality development actions" in high-tech districts "is included in the seven key operations of scientific and technological innovation, and it is proposed that by 2025, the provincial high-tech district business income strive to exceed more than Trillion. Since this year, the high-tech districts have hoped, Dapeng exhibitions have leapled, intensive signages to settled in a group of industrial science and technology innovation projects: Suzhou Industrial Park Singapore Suzhou Business Center unveiled, ESCO Group Biomedical Innovation Business Headquarters and R & D, Industrialization Base Equisical; Wuxi High-tech Zone and Peking University, West China University’s Future Industrial Technology, signed a cooperation agreement, jointly build a cooperative base; the first sewage treatment plant with leading demonstration effects – Yixing City Sewage Resources Concept Factory Yixing Ethics Park officially built … As of now, the province’s high-tech industry has investment billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; high-tech industrial output value has a proportion of total output value, higher than the province.

  Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Cai Xiwen.