Excessive exposure of children to electrical appliances is prone to illness!


Excessive exposure of children to electrical appliances is prone to illness!

A survey report released by US researchers on the 2nd said that children’s excessive exposure to video appliances such as televisions and game consoles will not only affect learning, but also increase their risk of various diseases and cause behavior problems.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine reported in the June issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association that they found in an investigation that some American children are addicted to watching TV, video, or playing computer and game consoles, and spend an average of this amount every dayThe time was more than 6 hours, more than the time they received distance education in school.

The research team found that the consequence of excessive exposure to various types of video appliances is the deterioration of children’s health.

For example, children who are frequently exposed to video appliances are more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases such as obesity or loss of appetite than other children. They are also more likely to have behavioral problems such as drug abuse, advocacy of violence, and premature sexual behavior.

Researchers suggested in the report that schools and parents should strictly limit children’s access to various video appliances; parents should try to watch TV with their children as much as possible; do not place TVs and computers in children’s bedrooms; and children’s daily exposure to various video appliancesShould not exceed two hours.