It’s just that you’re afraid it’s not a weasel giving a New Year greeting to the chicken,Uneasy and kind。


Take this milk back and eat it yourself,I had diarrhea。”
Wu Xiaorou said angrily,She didn’t believe what Wu Liang said,To say he has no other thoughts,She didn’t believe it。
By her estimate,I’m afraid it’s still for her to marry that fool,To play the family card。
“Ugh,Xiaorou,You really wronged Uncle,I just came to see you,Worry about your body。”
Even if there is irony in Wu Xiaorou’s words,Wu Liang didn’t have an attack either,Continue to smile and say,It’s just a little bit of anger hidden in my eyes,Already betrayed him。
“is it?
I also watched,Please go back if you are okay。”
Wu Xiaorou said,Stood up and made a please gesture to him。
This time,Wu Liang stayed there completely。
He would expect,My niece who usually looks very weak,Today’s performance is so tough,Didn’t even give him a chance to speak。
“Ryoko,If it’s okay,You go back,Xiaorou just got better,Doctor Zhao from the village head told me to rest well。”
Wu Youcai saw this scene,Also helping。
To this brother,Now I really don’t feel good at all,I guess Mrs. Wu,I’m afraid I’ve already severed him。
“Yes,Go back when you are fine。”
Lei Xiaoqin also frowned and agreed。
“brother,It’s been a long time since our brothers had a drink together,I bought some peanuts at the canteen in the village,Also brought a bottle of wine。