Even the city of Chunming,Also very hot。


Nan Ge has already touched the way to block the king,Just summarize、Test,Just master the ability to block the king of the king。
Of course,This is inseparable from the help of the king。
Thanks to the trust of both parties,The cooperation between Nan Ge and Du Wang also has a smooth。
Through the knowledge of the king,Nan Ge quickly mastered several spells and at least a dozen kinds of practical uses for spiritual power,And it is directly close to full level proficiency.。
Reward,Nan Ge is almost unrestricted by the king,And always help her understand this world。Now now,The average of the king can come out for two hours a day.,And the human world of this new era、There is a relatively complete understanding of the interpersonal relationship between Nan Ge and Zhou.。
This trust has a large extent coming from the beginning of the king.:
“I will help you hold swords.。”
However, there is a little but let Nan Ge compare the egg pain.——
Since playing back to bedroom,The buns are getting more and more blame.,It seems that I always have a word.,I don’t know what to say……
And every few days,The buns will look at her eyes will be more observable than a few days ago.。
According to the king,Also average once a few days。
This kind of obstacles now……
I am looking at the head.。
This is not good.,This is a gousy,The future is also her cousin,If she and Zhouzhi married later,Want many bridesmaids,It is also possible to get a buns.。
Solemnly consider,Before going to bed day,Nan Ge is lying in bed,Whisper muttering:
“Do you really have to do it??”
Wake up the next morning,Pillows fall a piece of paper。
Nan Ge will be opened,Due to the joint efforts of both parties,She is now reading smoothly now.:
“Don’t have to doubt my ability。
“Just like you will not doubt yourself。
“Before you go http://www.puhuisl.cn out,I have locked the toilet door from inside.。And set the institution,If someone knocks on the door or enforces the door,I will have some feelings and come back.。But your roommates have never knocked the door.,Are enduring and waiting,This is quite good。
“Baozi every night,I can’t do it too.。
“in addition,She got night last night.,When I came back, she looked at my eyes.,It’s like I deliberately.。”
Nan Ge was thinking about it.,Self-speaking question:“Is there any other way??Let them not win the night?”
The next day, Wang’s response:“not that simple,They are your friends,Not enemy,I can’t use violence to ban them from waking up.。Because if you do,You must also limit their metabolism,Otherwise it will encourage your dreams.。And limit the words of metabolism,More damage to the body,Um,And I will not。
http://www.lanjunboxian.cn “I am not a million。
“Me too,Like those simple and rude things,Irrotomy。
“Hold on。
“I am already looking for a monster with relevant power.,Strive to do it, even if I leave,They will still think that you are still in bed。
“I’m really cute.,So many times is hard to doubt,Also never knock on the door,Don’t complain about you,They are all in my heart silently.,so funny……In fact, I am still quite curious. When can she endure?。”
Nan Ge is enough to laugh,Whispering:“She is not doubtful,Is lazy to suspect,not interested,Also too lazy to knock,Lazy complaint,Be lazy……”
This is already morning。
Buns and cotton swabs have been completed back to class.。
Nan Ge looks at the bed,Seeing her bench without sitting on the buns.,Move your own chair to the middle of the bedroom,Maybe I feel that the chair is sitting http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn more comfortable,She sits above,Happy floating on a pair of pants,canvas shoes,There is a red rope on the casual。
A pair is not sad。
Nan Ge is ah,Get up and get out of bed。