Chengdu Shuangliu District Western Airport Street fully plays "five grid" governance advantages to woven epidemic prevention and control network


  "Hello, please measure the body temperature and scan the yard.

"Please wear a mask, don’t get gathering."

"Chengdu Shuangliu District Xihangport door, security personnel and netcher unopened the epidemic prevention, orderly guidance to personnel, vehicle Si Passenger test, bright code, and effectively do a good job in the community Prevention and control work.

  In the past few days, the Western Airport Street is based on the "Integrated Grid Work System" as the advantage of the grid governance "horizontal to the side, longitudinal to the end", and is based on the grid unit. Sinking resources, management, and services. Casting the epidemic prevention and control "last 100 meters", woven the epidemic protection net in the whole domain. With the principle of organizing, facilitating the work, Western Airport is planning the street administrative district as a first-class grid, and the streets are divided into 11 pieces as the secondary grid, dividing the secondary grid into 176 grids as the three level. Grid; at the same time, 151 political grids in the streets as the fourth-level grid, and the N social groups owned by the streets as the five-level grid, and construct "1 + 11 + 176 + 151 + N" five integrated grids System, in the grid’s internal person, specialist, strengthen contact collaboration, management scheduling, strengthen the association, let the workflow standardization, and the event is handled. According to reports, the main leaders served as the first-level mesh long, and dispatched a departmental company for the second-level mesh long, and each community "two committees" packaged 1 community grid, Integrate political and legal net lens, traffic police, police, urban management, party volunteers, community organizations, and management, etc., to sink to the grid, and strengthen grassroots governance. The first-class grid is a good job of investigating management, second-level mesh, etc. Sanitary killing situation, etc .; three-level grids are responsible for monitoring commercial real estate, resettlement cells, etc., ensuring that corresponding protective materials are ready to ensure the smooth development of epidemic protection work; four-level mens inspect the epidemic prevention and control in the jurisdiction, community Management related issues, promote policy documents, provide "one-to-one" service for home isolation; five-level grid mobilized buildings, party members, security, property management, volunteers, etc., play "cooked Advantage, the entrance and control of the inspection of body temperature, epidemic prevention, strengthening, home isolation personnel service, etc. are carried out in the community.

  At the same time, the Western Airport Street is a real party building leads the grid governance, and transforms the party building into governance power, and launches party members to become an epidemic prevention and control, and the arms. (Li Tingyu) [Responsible Editor: Jiang Yan].