How to swallow more easily when eating


How to swallow more easily when eating

Doctors have found a way to make it easier for an implant or capsule to slip off a patient’s throat.

In a test of 283 patients taking 283 tablets, doctors recommended using at least 20 ml of water (about a tablespoon) for each tablet, and using one of two methods.

When taking a common shortening, they recommend using a so-called “soda bottle method”.

Fill a bottle of water first and place it on your tongue. Tighten the mouth of the bottle before drinking.

Researchers say that using this method can increase the success rate of swallowing pills by 60% compared to the usual sip of water from a cup.

When taking capsules, scientists recommend another “forward leaning method”. When using this method, also put the capsule on the tongue, then take a small sip of water, tilt the chin forward of the chest, and swallow the pills forwardbending.

They believe that using this method can increase the success rate of taking capsules by 88%.

Walter Haefeli, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of Heidelberg, who led the project, said the study could help patients who refuse to take their medications to complete prescribed pharmacists.

He also said, “10% of patients attribute the cause of incomplete medication to difficulty swallowing.

The above two methods have a positive effect on patients with or without swallowing disorders, and these methods should be popularized.

“It is generally believed that one in three people have difficulty swallowing.

The study was published in the Family Medicine Yearbook, and researchers asked volunteers to take 16 pills of different shapes and sizes in the usual way.

Researchers asked them to compare the difference between titering in their own way and swallowing with a spoonful of water.

Then they also use the “soda bottle method” or “forward lean method” to swallow medicine and evaluate.

Both methods lead to more being swallowed and are also easier.

The professor said he decided to use a method as the type of pill.

He said: “Capsules are less dense than water and will float in the mouth, so use the forward lean method.

“By comparison, when swallowing is reduced, because the density is generally greater than that of water, the focus should be on how to insert it into the throat.

The initial shape is not particularly important, however, most of our experiments have proven that the traditional circular swallowing throat is the largest.

“How to swallow with the” soda bottle method “Supplement: 1.

Fill a plastic or soda bottle with water.


Put the entry on the tongue, cover the mouth of the bottle, and close the mouth tightly.


Keep the mouth of the bottle in contact with your lips, squeeze your mouth, and make a suction action.

Swallow water and harm immediately.


Do not let air in during swallowing.

You should be able to squeeze the bottle during swallowing.

How to swallow the capsule with the “forward leaning method”: 1.

Place the capsule on your tongue.


Take a moderate sip of water, but don’t swallow it.


Bend your head forward and tilt your chin forward to your chest.


Keep this action to swallow water and capsules.