Anti-aging expert’s comprehensive young secret recipe


Anti-aging expert’s comprehensive young secret recipe

When you unplug the first white hair and find the first wrinkle climbing to the corner of your eye, is that uneasy feeling still unforgettable?

Although people’s life expectancy is constantly improving and their appearance looks younger than before, experts say that modern people have a fast pace of life and an unreasonable diet, and will face aging earlier than the previous generation.

According to a study published by the famous American scientist William Risen, aging is a disease and the source of all diseases.

In foreign medical circles, doctors have long regarded aging as a disease.

At previous “World Anti-Aging Forums”, the world’s top anti-aging experts showed their “exclusive skills” to help you slow down the pace of aging.


hzh{display:none;}  饮食篇:隔两小时喝次水,常吃大豆山药  1.Don’t peel bread when you eat bread.

Dr. Robert Goldman, President of the World Anti-Aging Association, said that when baking flour, a substance called arginine is produced, but it can make the crust darker and sweeter, and can also activate enzymes to controlHuman aging free radicals lose activity and can fight cancer.

The content of this arginine in baked bread crust is 8 times that of unbaked bread crust.


Drink water every two hours.

Decreased moisture in skin cells is an important cause of skin wrinkles.

Goldman recommends drinking 236 milliliters of water every 1 to 2 hours, which is almost half a catty of water.

Boil water should also be scientific, and it is best not to boil it many times, otherwise it will increase the deposition of harmful substances in the body.


Small meals.

The chairman of the US Center for Life expectancy Research and clinical doctor Nick Delgar pointed out that once eating is full, a large amount of blood in the body gathers into the stomach, causing insufficient blood supply to the skin and accelerating skin aging.

Only a small number of meals can prevent skin health.


“Original” food is the most supportive.

If you want to grow young, you must eat less fine food, the fresher, the rougher the better.

“Especially for staple foods, we must eat whole grains and whole wheat.

“Delga said that the more natural food processing steps, the lower the nutritional loss, the more likely it is to cause vitamin deficiencies, and not to the skin.

  5. Eat breakfast in an hour.

Dr. Huang Ying, a member of the American Anti-Aging Medical Association and former consultant of the gold anti-aging column of a well-known American TV station, said that this was done to control blood sugar levels.

And don’t leave vegetables, fruits and various natural vitamin pills on the table.

  6, lunch and dinner baseline 4: 3: 3 principle.

That is, 40% of food comes from carbohydrates (mainly vegetables, fruits), 30% comes from protein (eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products, etc.), and the remaining 30% comes from feces (nuts, deep-sea fish))Wait).

  7, eat more “female” food.

The skin is good, and it is closely related to the hormone levels in the body. Women should eat more soybeans and yam, which contain natural estrogen-like substances. Although this substance has a lower effect than estrogen, its concentration in blood is higher than that of estrogen.The hormone is 1000 times higher.

  8. Selenium is “Belatan.”

Selenium has a strong antioxidant effect and is known as the “anti-aging star” in trace elements.

Obviously selenium foods are fish, nuts and grains, especially millet, which is very rich in selenium.

Chestnut is also very high in selenium, so you may eat it often.

  9. Have a “charge afternoon tea” in the afternoon.

Huang Ying suggested that at three or four o’clock in the afternoon, you only need to prepare half an apple, a peanut, a bag of soy milk, and a chicken wing. These snacks can supplement vitamins, proteins, and vitamins to adjust the fatigue state.

  Life article: Snoring is equivalent to a small vacation. Hurry up and “get rid of” diabetes10. Keep your home appliances a safe distance while you sleep.”Before you go to bed, where do you usually put your phone?

It is appropriate if it is placed close to the body, such as a bedside table.

Dr. Goldman suggested that the phone be kept at least 4 out of bed.

6 meters away, or the electromagnetic waves it emits will change your mental state and sleep pattern.

This safety distance is suitable for electronic clocks, radios, televisions, computers, cordless phones, etc.

  11. Taking a nap is a small vacation.

A study by the American Sleep Foundation shows that taking a 40-minute nap will not only improve people’s fever and alertness, but also make the cardiovascular system more soothing and reduce tension.

  12. Hurry up and “get rid of” diabetes.

Delgar suggested that brisk walking 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, and only 3 years can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and greatly delay the process of physical aging.

When walking, you may wish to straighten your waist and look straight ahead.

At each step, the body’s center of gravity is inserted into the heel-outside of the foot-near the small toe-the big toe in turn.

Unlike ordinary walking, this posture makes good use of muscles that were previously “idled”.

Long-term adherence can lower blood fat and increase muscle elasticity.

  13. Take aspirin.

Dr. Goldman called aspirin an “anti-aging aid.”

Taking low-dose aspirin daily can prevent platelet aggregation, reduce the risk of death from myocardial infarction and stroke, increase disease resistance, and slow aging.

  14. Take a deep breath at a fixed time.

Paul J. Roche, president of the American Stress Society and clinical professor of medicine and psychotherapy, said that knowing how to relieve stress will only regain the state of youth.

Arrange yourself a fixed relaxation time every day, take a deep, slow breath, 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day.

Avoid people who are negative in speech and behavior, and connect with friends who are active and passionate.

  Skin Care Articles: Sleep on your back without wrinkles, and you should also protect yourself from sunscreen 15 indoors, and measure your skin age.

Dr. Greg Hilbrand, Global Chief Scientist of the Kobe Skin Care Research Center in Japan, teaches you a way to judge skin aging: pinch the skin on the back of your hand and then release it. If the skin can’t recover quickly, it means that your skin is agingStatus status.
He suggested starting anti-aging work at the age of 20.

  16. Sleep on your back.

Sleeping sideways at night will increase wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. Sleeping on your back will cause wrinkles on your forehead.

And sleeping on your back will have a magical effect, which can avoid bags under the eyes and wrinkles on the face.

  17. It is not too late to start using sunscreen at any age.

Apply a tablespoon of sunscreen to a wooden board every morning, and then apply it every 2-3 hours.

10 am to 3 pm in winter and 9 am to 4 pm in the summer the strongest ultraviolet rays. During this time, you must go out for key protection.

Protect from sun even indoors.

Indoor, computer, and night light damage mainly comes from UVA, so consumers should pay attention to SPF value and pay more attention to UVA protection index PA when choosing sunscreen products.

  18. Multi-use skin care products containing antioxidants.

Michael Lawson, director of the Department of Anesthesia and Clinical Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center in the United States, is a superbeliever of vitamins, taking 3 grams of vitamin C every day.

She also prefers topical skin care products containing antioxidants such as green tea and grape seed extract.

  19. Prevent expression lines.

In life, some habitual movements may make you emoji lines.

Therefore, try not to “abuse” the following expressions: frowning when thinking, easy to form eyebrow lines; squinting to look at things, easy to form horizontal fine lines around the inner corner of the eye; often laughing, easy to form crow’s feet;Head wrinkles; often sad or skimming, easy to form the law lines on both sides of the nose; using a straw, often pouting, smoking, easy to form lip wrinkles.