Tian Lu can’t believe it,Shaking his head,Red eyes,Muttered“impossible、impossible。”


Then I couldn’t help crying“How could this be,How could they all have an accident。why,Why god treat them like this,Why do people in the world treat me well,grandfather,And her good friend Ye Xingkong,And the lovely and a little annoying Mazza is gone。”
Thinking of their good,Tian Lu cried again、Shattered。
On the contrary, Chen Limu is more calm,I took a piece of paper and wiped my tears,Hand it to Tian Lu。Tian Lu counseled her nose,Found myself a little gaffe,Wiping away tears。
“tell me,what is the problem?”Chen Limu asked。
Tian Lu looks at Chen Limu,Can’t hide the secret in front of her,It’s time,Have to confess to her。
“The one who followed the stars‘Tian Lu’,Is her fiancee、It’s Mazza who fell into the earth from the gray planet,She saw me and Xingkong were about to get engaged,Sad to go crazy,Imprison me,Drank a lot of mexue,Became like me,Always use my identity instead of work、Hold an engagement ceremony with the stars、Socialize with the stars。I returned my job about ten days ago,but,Her relationship with Xingkong was lukewarm from the beginning,Developed into a real relationship between men and women。”
Tian Lu’s simple and clear talk。
“Maybe you already knew,The starry sky is not a matter for people on earth。”Tian Lu said,But he hasn’t had time to tell you about Mazza。
“When was Maza at Mid-Levels Apartment?,A new person in the apartment,I do not even know。”Chen Limu sneered at himself。
Tian Lu explained“It’s very complicated,Let me tell you briefly,When the stars fell into the earth,Somehow fell into my rented place,I happened to save,And he fell into the earth with his fiancee Mazza、There is a terribly bad Feynak,At that time Feynak wanted to kill the stars,Later took Mazza and me hostages,after that,Resolved by the stars,Solved Feynak,Rescued Maza to the Mid-Levels apartment,It was a few months ago,Because I don’t want to involve more people,Didn’t tell you,I think the reason why Xingkong hasn’t told you,I’m afraid you are worried,Or have not waited for the right time。”
“Then,You play me like a fool,So many things happened in the Mid-Levels apartment,No one told me。When i am?”Chen Limu is angry。
“not like this,Don’t get me wrong,All this is in a private house called Zhang Cheng,Feynak kidnapped us,And the starry sky dealt with them all at Zhang Cheng。”Tian Lu quickly explained。
“You are talking about Zhang Cheng who is always with Ding Keyu?”Chen Limu asked,The tone has eased a lot。
“Ok,it’s him。”Tian Lu answered。
“But how did Feinak and Zhang Cheng connect??”Chen Limu continued to ask。
“Maybe God is teasing,Feynak fell into the earth,It was Zhang Chengjiu。”Tian Lu replied。
Chen Limu sat down,Said“I probably know what’s going on。”