Struggling the 100-year road to the new journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 "Plateau’s most beautiful Gignsang flower" Zhuozhen: the guardian of the border, the coordinates of the country


  On June 29th, the traditional Tibetan Tibet, the 60-year-old Yumi Township, Zhuozhang Station in the Great Hall of the Great Hall of the People, took the "July 1 Medal". At that moment, her mood was very excited.

  As the inheritors of "Patriotism, Juhai is decades such as one day, the root of the motherland, with the way to grazing, deceiving the patrol, guarding the frontier of the motherland, practicing the actual action" and then tired again Want to keep every inch of the land of the motherland, and write the moving story and the era of the era. The guardian of the sacred land is "July 1 Medal" winner Zhuozhen (June 29). Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Hui photo [stick to: "Three people" legend] Yumi Township is affiliated to Longzi County, Shannan City, Tibet, located in China and India.

  In the past ten years ago in 1995, Zhuozhen, her sister Central Zong and his father Sang Jie, is the only residents on this land.

  A house is both a township government and their home.

  During decades, this remote countryside in the south of the Himalayas, the annual Snow Snow, is a true "island".

  The Indian Ocean monsoon gives me an energetic rain every year, but the mast is seemingly fertile land, but it does not have a crop. "Every time I have a food, I can only rely on the horses, walk through the forests of the Yangchangong Road and the swamp, and then overriding nearly 5,000 meters of the day, in order to reach the nearest road in more than 40 kilometers.

"Zhuoyi recalls.

  After 1962, a group of people came and moved away.

  In 1983, the Government decided to move the three households left in the corner to the neighboring conditions. "Dad, let’s stay here, don’t go back to the corner."

"Recalling young self and sister persuading his father’s situation, Zhuozhen has always been very happy," young people always want to go better, better life, ‘fantastic love’ For the time, we are only Just a concept. "My dream is a jade, it is our hometown, we have to go back!" "Sang Jie is firmly said. Just a winter, under his father’s insistence, Zhuo Wei and sister silently followed his father back to the jade, and a three people began almost isolated. Life.

  [Guardian: Hand embroidered flag] The corona is large, the area area is 3644 square kilometers.

  "If we are gone, this land is nobody!" The father’s sentence, Zhuo Wei and my sister remembered a lifetime.

  To date, Zhuozhen still remembers that one day, the father found the red cloth and yellow cloth in the next day, and cut it again. At that time, she was thinking that her father must be a new clothes for her and her sister. Looking at the father’s dressing line, cutting the yellow cloth into the graphic of the flower and not flowers, "and carefully sewn them on the rectangular red cloth. Sisters did not help but ask: "What is this?" Father smiled mysteriously: "This is the most precious thing in China." That day, a small corner of the People’s Republic of China, a five-star red flag fluttering.

That is the flag of father. Later, as long as the father came out of the mountain, he will always buy a new national flag. The sisters began to understand that the land at the foot is to guard the country.

  In order to guard, Sang Jie has started to serve as a villagelion in Yumai Township in 1960, and a triple is 29 years. In 1988, Zhuozhen took a relay stick from his father, and he was 23 years in his village.

  By 1999, 玉 麦 has been developed to 22 people, and the annual annual income exceeds the average level of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen, reaching 2143 yuan.

  In the same year, the construction of Luo Yuzhong, a total of nearly 40 million yuan. Since then, the mast begins to hold a solemnity ritual ceremony in some important days, which is a simple way of hovering the love of patriotism.

  The construction of happiness homes is Zhuo Wei (photographs on June 28). Xinhua News Agency, Li Hexue [Recycle: Deep concerns] "We often saw General Secretary Xi Jinping to visit the people in the remote mountain area, and born to tell General Secretary We live a good idea.

I didn’t expect that the General Secretary really gave us a reply. "Zhuo Wei is hard to hide. On October 28, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave Zhuo Wei, Central Zong Sisters, affirmed that their father and female two generations were the behavior of the country, thank you for your long-term comrades who have dedicated , Encourage the majority of farmers and herdsmen to root roots, protect the land, build a good hometown. [Giant change: Beautiful jade] In 2017, the Office of the State Council issued "13th Five-Year Plan", "13th Five" "The period in-depth promotion of the prosperity of the prosperity, supporting the development of the border areas to make a comprehensive deployment. Like other national border areas, the yearning of the corner of the beautiful life began to be reality.

  In the same year, the state has investing more than 500 million yuan, and the total mileage is 50 km four seasons. It is started construction; the national power grid is stationed, the Yumai Township home households realize WiFi coverage; total investment billion yuan, the construction of 67 "happy beautiful border well-off Demonstration Township "Asynchronous Structure Tibetan Civil Room, Health Center, Country 2 Executive Office".

  Years like the river in the river across the Town, flowing for a long time. By 2020, the "Three Townships" has evolved into 67 households, and there are two administrative villages in Kimang Township.

  Today, walking on a clean and tidy mastu grace of asphalt trail, watching the family hotel in the smoke, the township history hall in the construction, the tourist reception center, and the new jade are undergoing a new change. In 2020, the per capita net income of Yumai Township reached 34012 yuan, which was more than doubled in the same year’s rural residents in the Tibet Autonomous Region. This "three people" have become happy, beautiful Xiaokang Township, which has made unprecedented vitality and vitality.

  Home is Yumi Country is July 10, Zhuozhen (right) gave her daughter Bayua to the story of her. Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Ruibo photo [inheritance: three generations of relay] once, no school’s reality becomes Zhuozhen’s troubles – because she knows, the child is the greatest hope of Yu Ma.

  "In 2019, there were 18 children at the entrance of Yumai Township. In the three classes, there were 18 children. In 2020, the manghai elementary school started, and there were 8 students in the first grade. Two students have 2 students." Zhuozhen said "Accepting modern education, in order to better inherit the spirit of the patriotic side." In 2017, the first college student in Yumi Township – Central Zong’s son graduated from the Soloron Bad University, and became a jade A civil servant in the township. In 2019, Zhuoyi’s big daughter Bayuqi University graduated.

Now she is a rural revitalization of Turntang Village in Yuhai Township. In 2021, Zhuoyu’s two daughters were returned by Mi Zhuoyu.

  "My grandfather, my mother and my aunt are the example of the people of the whole country, so I must work harder, inheriting the spirit of promoting good patriotism.

"Bazan Zhuoxao said," Compared to many places, the jade is still very developing space. As a rural resurrection, I will assume the mission of revitalizing the jade, and build a hometown together with everyone. good.

"On July 10, Zhuoyi took pictures on the Panshan Highway leading to the corona.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Ruibo photo [Patriotism: Everyone is a coordinate] July of the jade, the light gauze hangs the green mountain valley, as if a holy Hada dedicated to people who are holding. "Newly relocated residents often ask me questions encountered on the patrol road.

"Zhuo Wei said that now is more people, the young people are far more, higher, and the elderly villagers are in the nearby grazing.

"After seeing the big world outside, like the father, I also love this beautiful pasture." Today’s Zhuozhen, like the father Sangjie, still stick to the initial heart, strive to lead the folks in jade Wheat is tenacious and happy.

  Without vigorous, only silently adheres. There is no big words, only the red feelings.

  The corona has changed, but the unchanged is the loyalty and responsibility of the corner. Touched the "July One Medal", Zhuozhen, said: "This medal belongs to the jade, belongs to Tibet and the people who have long-term adherence to the motherland.

"Today’s border jade, household is a whistle, everyone is a sentinel.

Everyone in the corner is the coordinates of the country.