Beijing: Multisos Waiting Family Priority Rental Rental Rental


Original title: Multisos Waiting Family Priority Rental Rental Rental Yesterday, Beijing Housing Construction Committee Printing "Notice on Strengthening the Qualification Review and Management of Public Lease Housing", clearly implement dynamic management and precision protection for public rental housing in this city.

During the waiting period, public rental housing, during 24 months, you need to declare on family conditions every 24 months, qualify for review, and Muo Wales a family to benefit. Many children can be included in the scope of public rental rooms to implement the "Decision of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the Promotion of Population Policy" to promote the long-term balanced development of the population. The number of children in minors is a suitable policy tilted in public rental housing rentals.

At the statistics, there are currently 2,000 families with no adult children in the city. According to this document, these families can be included in the scope of public rental housing. The district housing security management department can combine the actual situation in this region, directly distribute the list of houses, and do not have to register, shake the number. At the same time, in the selection of the unit, it can be given to proper care according to the number of minor children, providing a better living environment for minors families. The valid expiration of the filing must take the initiative to participate in the review of the Review "Notice" Clarified Public Rental Housing Qualification Films should take the initiative to declare the family regularly during the waiting period, specifically: family acquisition for each 24 months and 1 in advance The month should declare the family situation to the local street or township housing security window; the family conditions have not changed, and the declaration is also required.

If the declaration of non-declaration, the public rental room for the record will be terminated and announced in the official website of various government official website.

  At the same time, the street township housing and security department should take a telephone, SMS, email, etc. to take a telephone, SMS, email, etc. in a regular review period, take the initiative to inform the household applicant review deadline, content, way, and place. According to the requirements, public rental housing qualification filing families will not declare family conditions within the prescribed period, will be automatically terminated. If the family still meets the application conditions for public rental housing, it can be re-applied, and the date of receipt is re-enrolled. Calculate the waiting time.

  In order to facilitate the payment of the family to participate in the review: First, it is the same as a new application of the materials to be submitted to the new application, and the submission form is consistent with the new application of the home. The materials that need to be submitted greatly simplified; the second is that the family income still meets the requirements of the provisions, the family’s population, household registration, marriage, housing, etc., only fill in the instructions and commitments, no need to submit relevant materials again, avoid For the same material to return to and forth; three, before the declaration period is full, the family’s qualification change or the shake number distribution has declared the family situation, and should be recalculated from the date of the reporting audit; four is for the age, serious illness, and heavy disease Family, low-protection, low-income, etc. A variety of institutional effects have enabled different income groups living gradients to ensure the various ways of public rental housing, market rental subsidies, affordable rental housing, and accelerate the problem of solving the housing difficulties, and strive to achieve all the citizens living. Among them, public rental housing is positioned in solving housing problems in low-income housing difficult family, focusing on special difficulties such as low-cost, low-income, major illness, heavy disability, and family share of population; for more than public rental housing access standards Sino-low-income and non-family families can solve housing difficulties by applying for market rental subsidies; for new citizens, young people, etc., can meet housing demand through lease affordable rental housing.

  Take the family of three as an example. If the family annual disposable income is less than 100,000 yuan, it can solve the problem of housing difficulties by applying for rental housing; if the family annual disposable revenue is above 100,000 yuan but below million, can pass Receive market rental subsidies, rent a market house to solve housing difficulties; Through public rental housing, market rental subsidies, affordable rental housing systems effectively connect, realization of gradient guarantees living in different income groups. Text / This reporter Zhu Kaiyun coordinates / Yu Meiying more measures to facilitate the waiting for the family to participate in the submission form by "one" to "one page", the material to be submitted, the material is simplified; the family revenue still meets the requirements and the family population , Household registration, marriage, housing, etc. have not changed, only fill in the instructions and commitments; before the declaration period is full, the family is eligible or the shake number distribution has declared the family situation, and the date of the approved Recalculating the declaration period; for older, major illness, heavy disability, low-protection, low-income, street (township) housing security department should take the household, concentrate on handling, opening up green channels, etc., assisting difficult families for regular Repeated declaration.

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