Changning, Yunnan: Black Bear, Macaques "Home Travel" scene is warm


Black bear. Video Screenshot People’s Network Changning On July 30th, it has been accomplished in the Yunnan Chang Ningdan, Yunnan County Nature Reserve. The picture is very warm.

"咔,, 咔,, 咔" ", as the leaves have rhythmical friction, in the Changning Shujiang County-level nature reserve, a huge body is in front of the infrared camera lens, it is a black bear mother, There is also a big big two bear babies behind it behind it. From the screen, it can be clearly seen, a slightly large white V word in front of the chest leads the "a very meticulous", and sever a devote. When I came back, my mother came with an infrared camera camera, and it was no longer calm, and I didn’t see Xiong Shaying in the depths of the forest. I took the bear mother and came again. Before the lens, a naughty "Monkey II" was lively, and I was caught in the front side.

The steady "Monkey" sat on the ground and calmly let the camera take a beautiful "travel photo" for himself. Meng Meng’s "old three" hangs in the chest of the monkey mother, a loveless look that does not fall.

Yang Yaojun, deputy director of Changning, Chanjiang County Nature Reserve Management Bureau, believes that the number of wild animals in the nature protected zone is more, distributed from the continuous growth of macaques, black bear and the number of individual numbers and individual quantities monitored by the infrared camera. Wide, the survival status is good, and the protection work is effective. According to experts, Asian black bear and macaques are national second-level protection wild animals, they like to live in the mountain forest.

Every year from January to June, they have the peak of their breeding. This season, the mother will take the baby in the nest near the baby, exercise the living ability of the cub.

The experts also reminded that the black bear mainly acts in daytime, she can hit the trees, swim; can walk together, the visual difference, smell, auditory spiritual sensitive; more food, plant leaf, bud, fruit, seeds, and sometimes eat insects, Bird eggs and small beasts. Bearing with a pupish for attacking people and other animals that have entered the scope of animals, they should pay attention to avoid wildlife activity. Macaques are mainly in the Ji Mountain cliff, Xi Bisu Valley and the shore of the river or the rock mountain, group, with leaves, tender branches, wild vegetables, etc., eat birds, birds, various insects, prey in other Small animals.

In addition to shooting to the "national treasure" wild animal Asian black bear and macaques to love "home travel" warm picture, it also records warm scenes such as mother and mother.

"Look at these small animals, happy activities in Linzi, they are happy, I am happy, I guarding this forest is worth it.

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