TCM explains the common medicines for tocopherol


TCM explains the common medicines for tocopherol

Gynecology of Chinese medicine Huanghuang used for heat-relieving and conceiving: “It should be cleared before the fetus.

“Scutellaria baicalensis has a bitter coldness and is the main drug for clearing heat and conceiving.

Zhang Zhongjing’s Huangpi decoction is made with scutellaria baicalensis, licorice and jujube, which can cure various abdominal pain syndromes.

Gynecology can be used in conjunction with the following anti-fertility medicines by using the basic formula of heat-relieving tocolysis.

  Hewei glutinous rice and Amomum villosum are often found in the early pregnancy with vomiting, nausea, disregard of diet and other obstructions.

And stomach abortion is the preferred method.

Amomum villosum is fragrant and gastric, and is good at relieving vomiting, so it is commonly used in clinic.

The lighter use this product alone, chewable and pharynx, aromatic and delicious, also used with other medicines.

The Chinese patent medicine Xiangsha Liujunzi Pill can cure pregnancy obstruction.

Glutinous rice is more sticky, which can nourish the stomach and can also conceive. The folks can use ramie 10g, glutinous rice 30g-50g, and porridge for food. It can be used to treat the fetus.

  The spleen and stomach of pregnant women with Atractylodes spleen and spleen are strong, the nutrition of fat is too much, and the fetal gas is self-solidifying.

Conversely, if the pregnant woman has a weak spleen and stomach, it is easy to damage the fetal gas.

Spleen reconciliation is more important than stomach.

Atractylodes is the main medicine for strengthening the spleen.

“Preparing for Emergency” has long been a special prescription for Atractylodes baicalensis with Scutellaria baicalensis and Bai Pei.

Later generations of Anzhu Baizhu San, Jianpi Zisheng Wan, and other prescriptions are mainly based on Baizhu Jianpi Antai.

  The qi-enriching yellow weed and Dang (ginseng) mother body is full of vitality, and the fetal gas is naturally strong.

If the pregnant woman lacks vitality, she will have insufficient gas in her breath, a feeling of falling in the lower abdomen, or seeing symptoms such as dysuria.

Tonic qi and tocolysis is commonly used Dafa. Astragalus and Dang (People) can be the first tonic for qi.

Xiangsha Liuwan is made of ginseng, atractylodes, amomum, and other medicines. It can strengthen the spleen, stomach, and replenish qi and tocolysis. Therefore, it is a proprietary Chinese medicine for curing the obstructive pregnancy.

Buzhong Yiqi is re-used with astragalus, codonopsis (ginseng) and atractylodes combined with Cimicifuga and Bupleurum, which makes the Qi rise. It is suitable for pregnant transfusions, urination and urination, or those with a sense of falling belly.

  Nourishing place, glue, pupa, and the blood coming back to the mother’s body are important substances to maintain the growth of vitamins.

If the pregnant woman is deficient in blood, it affects the fetus the most, or if she sees a red leak, it is usually a precursor to miscarriage.

The method of nourishing blood and fertility is the most commonly used clinically.

The main drugs are Dihuang, Paeonia lactiflora, Angelica Sinensis, Ejiao, etc.

Chengfangjiao Aisiwu Decoction is mainly composed of four medicines, which can nourish blood and conceal the blood and stop bleeding and leak, so it is commonly used in clinic.

Shiquan Dabu Tang can warm qi and blood, and those who are both deficient in qi and blood in pregnant women should be selected every time.

  Tonifying the kidney, breaking, dying, and parasitizing TCM believes that “the kidney is the innate foundation.

“There is an urgent need for excessive kidney qi in pregnancy, and the fetus is apt to grow and mature.

Also known as “the waist is the place of kidneys”, pregnant women with kidney deficiency will have backache. When a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, she will have backache, abdominal pain and bleeding.

Therefore, the method of tonifying the kidney and rejuvenating the babies is irreplaceable.

Commonly used medicines include Cuscuta chinensis, Eucommia ulmoides, continuum, mulberry parasitic, dogwood and so on.

Zhang Xichun’s Shoutai Pill is made of Cuscuta chinensis, Mulberry Parasite, Ejiao and other drugs. It can not only tonify the kidneys, but also to strengthen the waist and stop bleeding.

  Pumpkin pudding and ramie root, combined with the six-method fetus Anning, the above-mentioned folk prescription ramie root glutinous rice porridge, and some pumpkin pudding together with cooking, the effect is better.

Clinicians often take pumpkin pedicle and ramie root in combination with the above six methods.

Chengfang Taishan Panshiyin is a well-known formula for the treatment of recurrent abortions, that is, habitual abortions.

Looking at the usage of the whole prescription, all the above methods are available and used in a timely manner. Its fetus is as solid as a rock, stable as a mountain, and has a real name.