Experts teach you the health medicinal diet of myocarditis


Experts teach you the health medicinal diet of myocarditis

Myocarditis refers to a localized or diffuse acute, subacute, or chronic inflammatory disease in the myocardium.

The relative incidence of acute viral myocarditis is increasing.

The severity of the disease is different, and the performance varies greatly. Infants and young children are more severe, and adults are more mild. Those who are mild may not have obvious symptoms, and those who are severe may have severe arrhythmias, heart failure or even sudden death.

Patients with acute or subacute myocarditis may have fever, tiredness, sweating, palpitation, shortness of breath, and pain in the anterior heart area.

Check for arrhythmias such as premature contraction, intrinsic block, etc.

Aspartate aminotransferase, creatine phosphokinase increases, erythrocyte sedimentation increases.

ECG, X-ray examination helps diagnosis.

Treatment includes resting, improving myocardial nutrition, controlling cardiac insufficiency and correcting cardiac arrhythmias, and preventing secondary infections.

  Health medicinal diet for myocarditis 1.

15 grams of white fungus, tremella fuciformis, 25 grams of ginseng, right amount of rock sugar.

Mix with water.

Nourish the body.


Pig Heart Jujube Soup Pig heart is broken open with blood, put 15 grams of jujube, put in a bowl, add water, steamed and eat.

Replenishing blood, nourishing the heart, soothe the nerves.

Suitable for heart palpitations, lack of energy, burnout, complexion, and various cardiovascular nourishment.


Danshen Pig Heart Soup Codonopsis 15 grams, Salvia miltiorrhizae 10 grams, Astragalus 10 grams, cinnabar, wrapped in gauze, add water and stew 1 pig heart, eat meat soup, once daily, can treat cardiomyopathy, can also be usedCategory Heart disease, supplementary food therapy for cardiac insufficiency.


Bamboo shoots, 120 grams of bamboo shoots, shredded, 1 g of lean pork, cut into pieces, stir-fry with peanut oil and eat.


1 carp of chrysanthemum carp soup, wash the carcass, wash slightly, add 25 grams of white chrysanthemum, 15 grams of wolfberry and water, stew and eat meat and soup in portions.


Sour Jujube Shrimp Shell Soup takes 25 grams of shrimp shells, 15 grams of jujube kernels, and 15 grams of Polygala. A total of 1 decoction is taken daily to treat myocarditis.


Kulian tea composition: Sophora flavescens, Coptis chinensis, lotus seed heart, 6 grams each of licorice root, 3 grams each of bamboo leaves and soya leaves, soaked in water, and poured into a tea container after boiling in a casserole;The tea container is preliminarily boiled, and the tea is frequently drunk.

  Function: Qingli damp-heat detoxification, aromatic turbidity, and soothing.

  Indications: Damp-heat evil poison, invading the intestines and committed acute viral myocarditis; diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, limb pain, anal burning, red tongue, yellow greasy tongue coating, slippery pulses or generation.


Composition of gold and jade tea: 15 grams each of honeysuckle, isatis root, astragalus root, 10 grams each of yuzhu, hawthorn, 6 grams of licorice root, soaked in water, poured in a casserole and poured into a tea drinking container; or put various medicines in a tea drinking containerPrepared with boiled water and drink frequently on behalf of tea.

  Function: Eliminate the remaining evil and nourish qi and yin.

  Indications: Endure of evil heat, delayed prolongation of qi-yin damaged viral myocarditis; low fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest tightness, fatigue, weakness, upset, night sweats, or chest pain, dry mouth, insomnia,The tip of the tongue is red, the moss is thin yellow or less moss, the pulses are fine or knotted, and the generation, promote, or retard.


Honeysuckle porridge composition: Wash 30 grams of honeysuckle, soak in water, cook for 2 times, remove residue and juice, and add 50 grams of rice to cook the porridge.

Take 1 dose / day, 2 times / dose.

  Function: clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Indications: acute phase of rheumatic viral myocarditis.

Composition of lentils and rice porridge: 20 grams of lentils, 30 grams of barley kernels, 50 grams of rice, add the right amount of water, cook into porridge first, season with oil and salt.
  Indications: Cardiac viral myocarditis.


Composition of American Ginseng Danyu Tea: 3g American Ginseng, 10g Yuzhu, 15g Danshen, 6g each of hawthorn and licorice, soaked in water, poured into a casserole and poured into a tea container;The tea container was pretreated with boiling water and replaced with tea.

  Function: Yiqi Yangyin, Huoxue Ningxin.

  Indications: Qi-yin deficiency, stasis and blood clotting viral myocarditis recovery period.