Why do pores become enlarged?



Why do pores become enlarged?

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  Beautiful Keywords Review: Sunscreen Freckles This week Beautiful Keywords: Large pores Definition of large pores Pores are small channels or long pores where the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands flows to the skin surface.

The diameter of the pores is about 0.


05 millimeters, about 100 centimeters per square centimeter of skin?
With 120 pores, a person’s face has more than 20,000 pores.

Normally, the pores are not visible to the naked eye. However, due to factors such as age, season, female physiological cycle, pregnancy, mental stress and other factors that cause excessive oil secretion, the pores will become enlarged and look unsightly.

  If the parasites with large pores have large pores, the filtering bacteria can easily invade and cause skin diseases such as acne.

Dirt and dirt make up pores, making pores more visible and making the skin rough.

Not easy to apply.

It gradually fades and becomes dirty after applying makeup.

  Why are the pores enlarged?

  There are two main causes of large pores, namely youth and aging.

  Youth type: Skin condition: People who are not oily skin at the same time are often accompanied by enlarged pores.

  Causes of large pores: The pores on the skin surface can be divided into “pores” and “sweat pores”. Sweat pores are very fine and will not be changed.

The sebaceous hormone opens on the pores. When it reproduces too vigorously, the sebum accumulates into a semi-solid state, and then begins to oxidize, inflame, and keratinize, causing a vicious circle. Excess oil is more likely to mix and dirt accumulate in the pores, Forming pores at both ends of the acne, so that the pores are forced to extend and extend.