But it’s wrong,Since it’s wrong,It’s serious to always turn back,Network technology and personal computers are things in the next few years,But the monitor is close at hand……


“It’s really better to listen to your words than to read for ten years!”A moment later,Deputy Minister Huang sighed。
Chen Geng smiled,Said:“You’re welcome。”
You’re welcome?
Chen Geng said his words for granted,Deputy Huang and the secretary of the temporary part-time stenographer were all stunned,Especially his accompanying secret,Eyebrows are erected:Have been with the chief for so many years,He has never seen anyone who dares to be so disrespectful in front of the chief!
Fortunately, he finally understands that Chen Geng’s identity is different from ordinary people,Although I am extremely dissatisfied with Chen Geng,,But did not speak。
After the initial shock, Huang Vice-xiang suddenly reacted:Don’t think of Chen Geng as those old fritters who have been in officialdom for decades。Chen Geng grew up in America,I’m used to the American way of speaking and logic,If you speak to him in the officialdom of the country, you may cause a lot of misunderstanding。
Ok,Be as straightforward as possible。
Glared at his secretary first,The smile on his face is even better:“Xiao Chen,Me and country、And the Huaxia people have to thank you,I know,What you just said are precious treasures!”
Chen Geng smiled and waved:“Although I am a wanderer living overseas,But no one wants our motherland to be stronger than us overseas wanderers.。”
This word,I just admit that the huh I just said didn’t inadvertently say,I told you on purpose……One sentence,You have to take my love。
Deputy Huang couldn’t help laughing:Chen Geng’s little cunning trick,How could he not see?
After a short while,Deputy Huang smiled and said again:“Our domestic,In fact, the development of computer technology is also very important,But Xiao Chen,You saw it too,The foundation of our country is still very thin,and so……Do you really think that the computer picture tube is promising,Can bring a lot of foreign exchange income to the country?”
Chen Geng knows the level of hunger and thirst for foreign exchange in this period of time.,But he never thought,in1981Today of the year,The country’s hunger for foreign exchange has reached such an urgent level,A deputy chief chatting with you,The most concern is how much foreign exchange this project can bring to the country,You dare to believe this?!
Chen Geng didn’t believe it before,but now,He believed,Because this is happening alive before his eyes——China in this era is really going crazy,But in this case,The old man actually planned the development path for China in the next half century,And until the first fifteen years of the next century,History has been advancing according to his calculations,What a shocking talent this is?How lucky is China,Indulging in the darkness300Years later, I met so many great men one after another?
this moment,He really felt the heavy weight on his shoulders,Something terrible seems to fall on my shoulders。