Like the hunter lurking on the snowworm,Patience and coldly waiting for prey。


Massive information into the brain,A chessboard is in the heart,He drills on the chessboard in the heart。
It is said that it is learning,More like memories。
I always feel that everything is quite familiar.。
“Roughly understand。”I took a moment before,The thumbs and index fingers are still tightly buckled on their own clean.。
“Well,Out of a question,When it is a homogeneous job,Will not do,Can consider coming again tomorrow。”Girl said,The subtext is also glow me tomorrow.。
“Close your eyes,After waiting for the topic,Use ten seconds to answer。”she says。
Koho’s eyes closed,The sound of the pair of sons is coming from the front,For a few seconds,The title is placed.。
“Black first,How to escape from white chess,You must not only have the positive solution of black chess,Also, the best should be the best response to white chess,Did you understand??”Girl said。
“I want to be black and white.,Is that right?”Solitae。
“Just so,Openly,Ten second countdown。”
After the public opened,What appears on the board is the topic of the Tianyuan,In his impression,Titlace in the center of the board,It’s all compared to newcomers.,It is not too much this girl before you look at the eyes.。
Black chess is located in Tianyuan,Two white pieces are in the left,On the right is three white piers that fly black chess.,I feel that the direction of black chess is blocked.。
In the visual visual,One looks veryqMeng’s three-headed demon is holding a little sword,Waving him from him,Very fascinating。
Single from special effects,A bit supply,Suitable for learning machine advertising,Where doesn’t point?。
never mind,Still lighter,The current timeline still has no learning machine。
The dialog reminds。
“10、9、8”Just as the branch,The girl suddenly started to count.,Step by step。
Every second,The beam in the eye is flashing.。
finally,A strange spot appears on the chessboard in his eyes。 Five seconds,Koho shot。
Skills from the chess case,A crisp, on the board,A shallow light column falls——
The black chess is squeezed into the tip of the lower left.。
Countdown voice stops。
Then the department is holding and white。
Play,stick to,Turn around,Play again,long,The final situation played a circle。
Just nowqMeng’s child is so violently。
“okay?”After the science is finished,Looking up and watching each other。
When a girl hesitated a moment:“Your first feel,This is this hand scream?”
This topic is based on the basis,As long as the time gives a little bit,Try more than a few times,Even beginner,Come to this pinner。
But only10In the case of second answer time,Don’t think about thinking,The average person will definitely grab the chess pieces,First, you will hit the flying seal on the left and right sides.,Finally, I will hit it early because of the gas.,And die in the envelop。
all in all,This question is really a bit,She has already used this question to persuade each other’s preparation.。