Sanzi, Sanzhu, Sanzi, Sanzhu, Santed Industry Project


On December 10, Hongdu Town, Yucheng County held a rural revitalization industry development and village collective economic development town enterprises, village enterprise cooperation signing ceremony, with the high-quality development of the village enterprises to strengthen the village collective economy, realize the construction of the rural and expansion Revitalize effectively, explore a new effective way to explore a new effective way for the masses. At the signing ceremony, Guangxi Pean Guigi Development Co., Ltd. and Hongdu Town People’s Government signed a contract for the construction of thousands of acres of standardized Sangyuan and Sang Yes, Liu Chengxian Xingke Agricultural Products Sales Co., Ltd. and Hongdu Town Hongdu Community , Horseshovers, Six Village and Leondong Village have signed a contract for thousands of acres of bamboo shoots.

According to the signing agreement, the masses sold the mulberry leaves per mu revenue of 6000-9,000 yuan, and the sales of bamboo shoots can revenue per acre, and the collective economic income of the town is expected to reach 6 million yuan. The signing of the contract, will unify thinking, strengthen communication and cooperation, grasp the opportunity, to form a synergy, and further clarify the development ideas, identify the development goals, and speed up the promotion of the village-level collective economic project, so that it is built early, early adherence . In recent years, Hongdu Town has been investigated, and continuously analyzes and explores the experience and method suitable for the development of the real estate industry. It combines the "one river" "one river" "a bamboo" "one worm" industry development idea, Relying on the Sanjiangkou (Yucheng) Silk Industrial Park to develop the silkworm industry, with the opportunity of "Le Beach" Ecotourism Demonstration Zone, the village committee of eucalyptus planting in the jurisdiction is set as a demonstration point, driving the town " The scale of bamboo is planted, thereby transforming the development advantage of regional new industries, contributing to the high – quality development of the county rural revitalization industry. (Mongolian) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.