Shenzhen cultural creative industry accounts for more than 10% of GDP


Original title: Shenzhen "cultural +": GDP accounts for more than 10% of the cultural industry occupies an important position in Shenzhen’s economic development.

Since 2018, the Shenzhen Cultural Creative Industry accounts for more than 10% of the Shenzhen GDP, in the top of the country. Shenzhen is the city’s early development of cultural industries, and is also the first batch of cultural system reform pilot cities. Using the advantages of market economy, high-tech development, industrial capital active, etc. The new model and new state of "cultural +" industry development. According to the results of Shenzhen’s fourth national economic census, at the end of 2018, there were 102327 cultural and related industrial legal units in Shenzhen, which were more than the end of 2013; those who were 10,000 people in 2013.

  Shenzhen has always attached great importance to the development of the cultural industry.

As early as 2003, Shenzhen established a culturally resurrection strategic goal. In 2008, Shenzhen took the lead in the "Cultural Industry Promotion Ordinance"; In recent years, Shenzhen in the development of cultural industries fully respects and play the decisive role in the market in industrial resource allocation, paying attention to creative leadership and technology support, gradually cultivating creative design, animation games, cultural tourism, high-end printing, gold jewelry, cultural conference It has been a more complete modern industrial system.

  Among them, as the first "design capital", Shenzhen graphic design, industrial design, architectural design, interior design, apparel design, etc., which is recognized in the United Nations.

The anime and the game industry started early, the development quickly, emerged in Tencent, Huaqiang anime, global digital, and a dream world and other leading companies.

Cultural tourism industry leads the domestic trend, OCT, Huaqiang Fang special for many years, "National Cultural Enterprise 30".

  In the development of cultural industries, Shenzhen cultivated a group of cultural industrial parks that can play an exemplary effect and industrial pull effect, and the industrial agglomeration effect gradually appeared. The city has been approved to have 61 in the city-level (including the city-level) cultural industrial park, including 1 national cultural industry demonstration park (also the only 1 national cultural industry demonstration park in Guangdong Province), provincial cultural industry There are 4 parks in the park, and there are 1 provincial culture and tourism fusion demonstration zone, and there are 4 home districts to create a list of provincial cultural industrial demonstration parks.

  According to preliminary statistics, more than 8,000 cultural industrial parks in 61 municipal levels, with more than 150 billion yuan in total operating income, and achieved taxes more than 15 billion yuan, which has become a comprehensive carrier and important engine that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen.

(Reporter Du Xiangxiang) (Editor: Liu Wei, Chen Yizhu).