The baby’s whole body was golden yellow and originally had biliary atresia


The baby’s whole body was golden yellow and originally had biliary atresia

The hairs more than 2 months old had a strange disease, and the whole body was golden.

At first, the doctor thought it was physiological jaundice, but after a few months, the skin color did not fade, and his stomach was swollen like a ball, and his body became weaker and weaker.

  Two days ago, Mao Mao’s cause was finally found. It turned out that she had biliary atresia, a rare disease.

This disease is easily mistaken by parents and even doctors for physiological jaundice, so treatment is delayed and there is a risk of death.

  Mao Mao’s life is very poor. She is an abandoned baby and adopted by the welfare home.

Bao Jianhua, the chief physician of a ward outside the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said that a few days ago, Mao Mao was transferred to the hospital. The transferred doctor pointed out that jaundice appeared on the body two or three weeks after birth. At first, it was thought that many children would develop physical jaundice.Unexpectedly, the color not only does not fade after treatment, but also deepens.

  Based on many years of clinical experience, Bao Jianhua suspected that Mao Mao had biliary atresia.

A disease caused by the occlusion of part or all of the extrahepatic bile ducts, which prevents bile from being excreted into the body and enters the blood.

This disease is rare, and if left untreated, patients will die within 10 months of cirrhosis, portal hypertension, and liver coma within 10 months of hospitalization.

  After diagnosis, Mao Mao was diagnosed with atresia of the biliary tract, and Bao Jianhua operated on her.

After a few days of rehabilitation treatment, yesterday’s hairy indicators have basically returned to normal, and the complexion has returned to normal color.

  Bao Jianhua said that neonatal jaundice is very common, and biliary atresia can only be diagnosed by biliary angiography under laparoscopy, which can not be found by ordinary examination. Therefore, this disease is easily misdiagnosed.

Before being admitted, Maomao had missed the best time for surgery.

  However, as long as parents observe carefully, they can find the difference between physical jaundice and biliary atresia.

Bao Jianhua said that physical jaundice usually appears after 1 week of birth and gradually subsides after 2 weeks.

But the jaundice caused by biliary atresia will be in children after birth 2?
It appeared at 3 weeks, that is, after the physical jaundice subsided, it gradually appeared.

And the jaundice caused by biliary atresia is persistent, and then gradually deepens.

  Bao Jianhua said that if parents find that the newborn has persistent jaundice, and the color of the stool turns pale yellow or even gray, they should take the child to a pediatric surgery in time.