“You think i’m stupid,”Chen Geng sneered at the driver,Say honestly:“What is your monthly income as an ordinary person?Have8Dollars??one day30USD,You dare to speak,50Introduction fee in dollars?You are not afraid to kill yourself。”


in Thailand,Thais who understand English are definitely a scarce talent,But asking price30Dollar a day,The price is too outrageous。
Unexpectedly, this American is so familiar with the market,The driver was a little bit silly,A little bit ashamed:“This is the market!”
But when I thought of such an opportunity to make money,He stunned again:“Ok,25USD,25How about dollars a day?As long as you give me20USD……”
“20Dollar a day,English must reach the level of no problem in daily communication,Must be familiar with the local situation in Bangkok,If it can meet my requirements,You can notify him to come over and accept my assessment。As for you……”Chen Geng glanced at the driver:“20USD,Do or not?”
He knew that the price he offered was at least several times the current market in Thailand,but……Forget it,Brother is rich,Too lazy to grind teeth with this guy。
really,Heard the price given by Chen Geng,The driver was ecstatic,Nodding:“no problem,Absolutely no problem!I’ll ask my brother to ask for leave……”
“Your brother?”Chen Geng’s surprised way。
“Hehe……”The driver who accidentally said that he missed his mouth was a bit embarrassed:“I work for your American company,There are no essay questions in basic English,Ok,His name is Cang Cha?Gacexili。”
Chen Geng and others waited in the hotel for less than half an hour,The driver’s brother came over out of breath,It’s pretty fast。
Although the driver’s asking price is quite dark,But what is the difference?Gasexili’s English level is a bit beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Although the pronunciation is a bit strange,But can handle daily conversations,the most important is,He is familiar with the situation in Bangkok,From this perspective,This guide is worth asking。
Dismissed the driver,Where is Chen GengGasesili said:“Mr. Gasesili,The last test for you now is,Take us to a delicious restaurant,If this restaurant pleases me,I will officially hire you。”
Where is the warehouseGa Se Xili patted his chest and assured Chen Geng:“Sir, don’t worry,I took you there,Must be the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok。”
“So pretty beauty!”Get out of the elevator,Looking at a tall beauty walking by in the lobby,Statham and La Follett suddenly beamed,Saliva will stay。