30 companies in Hainan were identified as the headquarters company Haikou on the list


Hainan 30 companies were identified as the headquarters company Haikou on the list time: 2018-12-2813: 12 Haikou.com December 28 news (Reporter Li Wannin) 28th, Haikou.com (micro-signal: haikouwang2013) reporter from Hainan The province’s new enterprise and new registration market subject case press conference, currently, 30 companies in the province were identified as headquarters companies, including 22 Haikou, 8 Sanya City. It is understood that since the 100-day large investment activities, as of December 27, Hainan Province signed 230 agreements, 106 registered project companies, including 54 projects that have landed and started construction.

For a month, the new opening operation major investment project has China Merchants Group Hainan Development Investment Co., Ltd. (foreign investment), China Railway Hainan Investment Construction Co., Ltd., China and Enterprise Fusheng International Investment (Hainan) Co., Ltd. (Hainan) Co., Ltd. 6 companies, It will also try to operate on the 31st Chang Ying Hainan "Global 100".

  Since November 28th, Hainan has launched the company’s identification work, according to Hainan Province "Work Opinions on Promoting the Development of Headquarters", Haikou City, Sanya City identified key areas of the headquarters economic development. After the "Hainan Provincial Headquarters Enterprise Certification Management Measures"

A total of 30 companies in Haikou City and Sanya, were identified as headquarters companies, 22 Haikou City, 8 of Sanya City. In these 30 enterprises, Taiping Financial Services Co., Ltd. is recognized as a multinational corporation region headquarters, Alibaba (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Zhongyi Group (Hainan) Operation Headquarters Co., Ltd., China Datang Group International Trade Co., Ltd., Jinyuan Securities Shares 22 companies and other 22 companies were identified as integrated (regional) headquarters; 7 companies such as Daxinhua Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd., Hainan International Tourism Industry Financing Lease Co., Ltd. were identified as high growth headquarters, integrated headquarters or region Headquarters becomes a headquarters entity in Hainan.

  It is reported that in 22 comprehensive (regional) headquarters enterprises, one production enterprise, accounting for 5%, two-yield enterprises, 16%, three-yield enterprises, accounting for%, tourism, modern service industry, etc. The dominant position of the three industries is increasing. Next, Hainan Province will reward Haikou City and Sanya City according to relevant regulations. Haikou City and Sanya will also deliver support policies to new recognition companies as soon as possible and support the economic development of the headquarters.

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