What to do if the baby’s navel gets into the water?


What to do if the baby’s navel gets into the water?

Your baby’s belly button is a very special place, and you need to take care of it.

If the navel is not taken care of properly, bacteria can grow and multiply, causing neonatal umbilitis.

For this reason, many parents are usually afraid to bathe a newborn baby and sterilize the baby’s navel.

  In fact, the baby’s navel care is very simple: after the baby resets the navel after taking a bath or urine, just wipe with a 75% alcohol cotton ball.

During disinfection, you can use your left index finger and thumb to open the muscles around the navel to expose the umbilical hole. Use a small cotton swab dipped in disinfectant to cross the circle from the inside to disinfect the baby. Pay attention to clean the secretions and blood.Wait for dirty things.

This eliminates the poison for 10 days, and if the infection does not occur, the disinfection can be stopped.

Taking a bath is a happy thing for your baby. Don’t be afraid that water is not good for your baby’s belly button.

After the umbilical cord is ligated, the blood vessels outside the umbilical cord have basically contracted and will not cause infection due to the entry of water.

After taking a bath, just dry the water immediately and wipe it with an alcohol swab.

  Tips: Experts teach you to take your baby as your baby’s navel. The following conditions should be promptly checked at the hospital: belly button secretions increase, the secretions are mucus or pus, and accompanied by odor; belly button, skin around the navel is red and swollenLight red dots appear deep in the navel hole, and it is easy to bleed when touched; the navel heals for more than half a month.