Seeing kidney disease through hand pattern


Seeing kidney disease through hand pattern

The various lines in the hand may not be special fortune-telling, but there is a lot of articles on the palm of the hand, which can reflect the health of a person.

Let Chinese medicine tell you what the relationship between palm and kidney disease is!

Now, take a quick look at whether you have these clues on your hands!

  1, the entire palm is usually red and white, look closely at the surface of the skin will be found uneven, this time indicates that you may have kidney yang.

The appearance of blue veins on the outside of the little finger indicates that the insufficiency of the kidney is insufficient. The blue veins appear on the outside of the little finger, indicating that you may have insufficient kidneys. The longer the condition, the more serious the condition, the kidney problems, some waist and legs are not strong, and the acidity will often find you.

  3, if the marriage line is too long, or even drooping to the emotional line, think about it, do you often feel low back pain recently?

  4, the wedding line has been drooping, and finally connected with the health line, even beyond the health line, if you have clearly felt that the body’s resistance has decreased, then it must be prevented, it is likely to lead to a decline in kidney function . 5,The area below the emotional line of the little finger is the reflex zone of the kidney. If it is red and has a longitudinal cut, it is likely to be a precursor to acute nephritis. Be sure to pay attention to whether there is edema in the body.

If the various lines on the palm of your hand are suddenly pale due to subcutaneous edema, the palm color is bright, indicating that the condition has begun to turn serious.

  6, chronic nephritis is mostly converted from acute nephritis, occult nephritis usually manifests in the middle of the lifeline with a lot of interference lines through