Kelly does not get acne but has acne



Kelly does not get acne but has acne

Guide: The following is a complaint from a younger sister who accidentally used acne cosmetics instead of getting acne but getting acne.
Xiaobian specially gave her a few tricks.

.hzh {display: none; }  痘痘!Still that annoying acne!

Recently, Xiaobian has received letters from several enthusiastic netizens. They are all deeply acne traps. I hope Xiaobian can give them some professional advice to defeat the abominable acne!

  In treating acne, in addition to paying attention to daily skin cleansing and diet conditioning, choosing the right “combat acne” product will make you do more with less.

Many friends choose the wrong product and make acne crazy.

  I received a letter from zjhr64300: “Hello!

I am a college student now, 22 years old.

I started getting acne all over from high school sophomore, but it started from one or two, not many.

But since last summer, I have developed a lot of acne all the time and kept coming out. I rehabilitated myself before, the acne disappeared, and I did n’t use any medicine or cosmetics.

However, the nasty acne appeared recently on Tuesday. The doctor said it was acne and acne. The medicines I took were all vitamins, and they had no effect.

  I have oily, combination skin. Recently, I have been using Johnson’s cleansing facial cleanser!

  Please, give me some method ~~~ “According to netizens, she should have mixed oily skin, and it is easy to have acne troubles.

No matter what the doctor calls acne or whatever, it’s the same thing.

  If you prefer to use cocoa, there is an acne conditioning cream which is applied topically. It is very good for the occasional one or two acne, but it is still recommended to use a milder product.Ke Li’s domestic product formula is still a lot of excitement.

  In addition, it can be used for adolescents with a relatively strong oil secretion.

The friend of this scientist is already a college student. The skin’s oil secretion is relatively stable compared with that of adolescence. If you use the degreasing ability again, the more irritated products will destroy the water and oil balance on the skin surface, which will also causeAcne!

  Xiaobian recommends that if the pursuit of cost-effective, Xiaobian personally recommend Mentholatum’s Le Fujie series.

Le Fu Jie combines a variety of anti-acne ingredients, which can effectively inhibit bacteria, reduce inflammation, control oil and soften the stratum corneum, and reduce the bacteria that cause acne.

Oral vitamins also have a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of acne, but in the final analysis, we must pay attention to internal and external checks, resulting in the use of anti-inflammatory hydrating mask for centralized care, which will bring results!