Attention to the elderly long-term hair dye is easy to induce cancer


Attention to the elderly long-term hair dye is easy to induce cancer

“Older people are more dangerous than young people!

Liu Aiying, director of the dermatology department of the Beijing Coal General Hospital, poured a cold water on the elderly in Amy.

What exactly is this matter about?

  Among the people who are infected with hair dyes, the incidence of color complications in young people is relatively low, and the high incidence is often caused by those who dye white hair.

  This is because the hair dyed by the elderly is dyed from the roots, and the hair dye is in close contact with the scalp.

In addition, the time interval of dyeing hair in the elderly is often very short, and the skin repeatedly absorbs the hair dye. If the body is poor, it is easy to cause harm to the body.

  Commonly used in the market are chemical hair dyes, which contain a kind of carcinogen called p-phenylenediamine. Once people with allergies come into contact with the chemical, they will develop symptoms such as erythema, papules and blisters, which may cause allergies.
  If you are in contact with this carcinogen for a long time, it may also cause skin cancer, leukemia, bladder cancer and other diseases.

  Therefore, it is best for the elderly not to dye their hair. If there are special circumstances, they must be dyed, and not more than twice a year.

In addition, patients with allergies, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure are not recommended for hair dyeing.