Eating seeds in spring protects life


Eating seeds in spring protects life

“Nei Jing” reads: “In March, this means that Chen Chen is born, the heavens and the earth are born together, everything is glorious, lying up early in the night, walking in the court, being delayed, so that Zhisheng .In popular terms, people should conform to nature in the spring, make innovations, get up early in the morning and exercise, move their limbs, spread out their hair, soothe the shape, and don’t give the body a lot of restraints, so that the yang can grow smoothly, and don’t inhibit the growth of the yang.

  Spring is wind wood and woody. It should be “liver” in human organs. This “liver” does not exactly correspond to the “liver” in our anatomical sense. It also includes many functions such as liver, endocrine and digestive system.
Health in spring, focusing on germination, viscera and recuperation, the first priority is “liver”.

  The climate changes drastically in spring, so there are proverbs: “Jiangnan has gone old and brought cotton padded jackets in June”, “Don’t eat rice dumplings before sending cotton clothes”, etc., telling people not to take off their cotton clothes prematurely, so as not to get cold injury to the bodygas.

  Spring diet “sweet and reduce acid.”

The spleen and stomach are the origin of the day after tomorrow, the source of human blood and metaplasia; the spleen and stomach are strong, and one can prolong life.

Spring diet should choose Xin, Gan or lukewarm products, should not eat sour and hot things, in order to prevent the liver and Yang Qi rose too much to overcome the spleen, which is not good for your health.

Avoid eating cold and greasy foods, eat vitamin B foods and fresh vegetables.

It is better to eat some seed foods, such as rice, flour, corn, indica, sorghum, oats, peanuts, beans, but also sweet potatoes, yam, potatoes, white radish, carrots, etc., because the seeds contain vitality and helpHair growth.