You can pay attention to the nine broken bones that you are doing every day!


You can pay attention to the nine broken bones that you are doing every day!

If the human body is like a building, then the bones are like steel frames, and the physical structure is not strong. Even if the elevator is good in the building, the decoration is good, then it may be old.

It is said that raising bones and milk should be more than a pound of milk every day, and strong Chinese.

In fact, a healthy person who wants to protect the bones does not need to eat anything extra, to avoid some harm, far more than tonic!

The key is that many lifestyle habits are hurting.

Bone-injured action: Studying the selection of vegetables shows that the weight of the alignment when lying down is almost zero. When you stand up and walk at the bottom, the weight is 1 of the weight?
2 times, running is 4 times, and 蹲 and 跪 are 8 times.

Clinically, women with more knee disease than men are because women have more squats than men in life, wearing clothes, choosing dishes, wiping the floor, etc.

Old people and high blood pressure people should try not to squat or reduce squat time, do not exceed 20 minutes.

It is best for the elderly to kneel on a table or chair to reduce knee pressure.

Injury: The long shoulder bag with a single shoulder bag will make our retina sore, even one high and one low.

Because people want to prevent the strap from slipping down, it is always used to get up and apply force.

In the long run, the spine may also have side bends, and women may even have breast asymmetry.

Especially students in the bone growth stage are more susceptible to interference.

The textbooks in the student’s bag are heavy, and it is best to carry a backpack.

For adults, on the way to and from work, if the road can be used to carry a shoulder bag, but it is best not to always use the front of the plaster.

If the road is far away, it is best to carry a backpack.

Injured bones: Sitting on the sofa in the sofa or on the bed watching TV, playing with the mobile phone is indeed relaxing, but the bones are very tormented.

In the semi-recumbent position, the lumbar vertebrae lack sufficient support, the torsional curvature is forced to change, and the intervertebral disc is subject to increased gravity, which may lead to muscle strain and scoliosis over time.

Experts advise: the correct sitting posture is straight back, chest and abdomen, square legs, calf and thigh at a 90-degree angle, sitting in the middle of the chair, but also slightly forward, but the upper body does not fall to the left and right.

It is best to choose a slightly hard sofa at home. If you sit up, you won’t get stuck in it. After the break, it is best to add a pillow to support the lower back, which will help the lumbar spine to relax.

Injury: Many people in the office are used to napping on the table at noon, which is not conducive to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, which may lead to cervical problems.

Pay attention to the common sense of the public life to learn to have back pain or neck pain, especially if you can not sleep, will aggravate the condition.

Experts remind: nap is best to lie flat, if the conditions are really allowed, you can sit in a chair, pad a cushion behind the waist, the body slightly back, simply rest for a while.

Bone-injured action: A little bit of standing posture not only affects the image, but also directly relates to health.

Many people like to stand up and put their weight on one leg. They can relax their body in a short time. This will always cause the pelvis to be distorted due to the uneven force of the lumbar spine. The spine is bent and there is back pain.

Experts advise: should pay attention to maintain the correct standing posture, to achieve chest, head up, vertical vertical droop, so that the province’s weight is evenly distributed on the two legs, which is conducive to bone stretching and breathing.

Injury: When you use your mobile phone, the cervical spine often bears a heavier head weight, while the shoulder and neck are too tight and the lumbar spine is overburdened.

After becoming a “lower head”, it takes only 5 years, the shoulder and neck muscles are sore, back pain, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms will come to the door.

Experts advise: look down on the phone for more than 15 minutes, it is best to keep the phone flush with the line of sight or slightly lower, keep the head upright, do not include a chest hunch.

The long-term desk worker should develop the habit of getting up and working for about 1 hour. Hold the back of the head and raise his head backwards, and use the chest to expand and shrug the shoulders. It has a good relaxing effect.

Bone injury action: If you always step on the Erlang leg, the pelvis and hip joints are prone to soreness due to long-term compression. It may also cause muscle strain, and it may cause uneven pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae, causing deformation of the spine and causing lumbar disc herniation.Causes chronic low back pain.

Experts advise: keep the correct posture, try not to step on the legs.

If you can’t change it for a while, don’t exceed 10 minutes each time.

Injury: The head and shoulders are on the phone and some people work. They are used to sandwich the phone between the head and the neck.

As everyone knows, the excessive exertion of the cervical vertebrae inward may lead to muscle spasm fractures and low fatigue, causing neck soreness, pain, and hidden dangers of cervical spondylosis.

Experts advise: It is best to hold the phone when answering the phone, alternating hands every few minutes to avoid excessive tension on the pedaling muscles.

Bone-injured action: Straight-knee lifting heavy objects Many people have experienced the “flashing waist”, clinically called acute lumbar sprain.

For example, when you are directly biased, bending and lifting heavy objects, you can not effectively play the knee, the muscle strength around the knee joint, the back fascia, muscles, ligaments are often injured due to overburden, but also bad for the lumbar spine.
Experts advise: When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees and knees, so that the objects are as close as possible to your body, keep the spine in a vertical position, and support your body with your leg muscles to slowly stand up and avoid sudden force.
Once you have a waist, it is best to rest on a large, hard bed at the beginning, and then treat it with massage, acupuncture and other methods.

Related recommendations: eat carefully!

In the daily life, these six kinds of food hurt the bones to play mobile phones late at night. Careful cataracts, how to play, don’t hurt, often bow down, play with mobile phones, be careful with wrinkles.