“Quite far away,Can Golden Brother give me a ride??”What Yang Zimei said was an inquiry,But there is an anxious pleading in his eyes,Low body,The eye-catching appearance is to increase persuasiveness。


What Chen Wenjin wants to do most is to turn a blind eye,How can you take it?,I can only pretend to be moved by her silent persuasive power,I deliberately freeze my eyes for three seconds,Just said:“boarding!”
“Gold you are so nice,No wonder you can chase Xiao Xiao’s beautiful girlfriend……”Yang Zimei got in the car,It’s just a sweet mouth to praise people,Then took off the high heels,The slit on the left side of the skirt separates properly during the action。
‘Although this trick is not new,It’s targeted,Counting how long I have not been with Xiao Xiao,She shouldn’t let me touch,Just send firewood to the door……’Chen Wenjin didn’t dare to despise,Yang Zimei went to a deserted place at night,It’s not uncommon to have a chain set。
Along the way, Yang Zimei must be nice and obedient,Either the legs and body keep adjusting their positions,I’m afraid I don’t get his attention enough。
To the place,Chen Wenjin looks at the empty road before and after,Just a phone by the road,Bridge hole on the left,If he wants to leave,Either through the bridge hole,Either turn around and go back the same way。‘Choose this kind of broken place at night,Clearly suitable for secret activities……’
Yang Zimei said to make a call,Before getting off the car, he pleaded with a pitiful face:“I am scared here alone,Can you wait for me?”
“no problem。”Chen Wenjin watched Yang Zimei finish the call,Suddenly fell to the ground when I came back,The inertial state of the slam,Acting quite like。
Chen Wenjin get off,Help her,Yang Zimei repeatedly said that her feet hurt。“Can you hug me in the car?”
Chen Wenjin wants to hold her before throwing it to the side of the loop!Add one more sentence:Let you act!
however,Helped her sit back in the car,Just sat down,Yang Zimei frowned and cried out for pain,Said again:“Can you look at my ankle,Is it broken??”
Chen Wenjin noticed when Yang Zimei sat down,Just press the skirt very high,Needless to say,He just needs to look down,A certain angle will be in front of him。
‘Business proficient!’Chen Wenjin suddenly thought of Qiangwei,Can’t help but wonder if Yang Zimei is the Crown Prince or Director‘arms’How long。
Chen Wenjin grabbed her leg,lift it up,Looked at the ankle,Let go again,Said something:“Nothing。”
Chen Wenjin closed the car door,Go back to the driving seat and sit down,Yang Zimei looked at him suddenly and said:“I like you!I liked you last time I met!You don’t have to rush to reject me,I know you have a girlfriend,Dare not compare with Xiao Xiao,I didn’t even think about affecting you!I just like you,anytime,As long as you are bored and need me,I can accompany you;When you don’t need me,I won’t bother you even with a phone call!I can be so humble for you,Because i like you so much!”
Yang Zimei said,I pulled off the straps of my shirt,In the eyes,It’s like that.。