Shandong Youth Political College: Youth teachers and students asked


Original title: Shandong Youth Political College: Youth teachers and students asked a few Spring Festivals, Shandong Youth Political Academy Cultural Communication Academy, Youth Teacher Lu Guohua spent a country in Shandong. In this college, "move the classroom to the field, write the papers in the land" is no longer just a loud slogan. Innovative three-dimensional dissemination, so that the country culture is no longer silent to enter October, and the tourism golden moon in the house of Laiwei District, Jinan City, and the secretary of the village branch, such as the gyro, busy. He habitually went to the village History to go to the village History to see the situation in the museum.

  "In the past, visitors who came to visit can be seen here for 20 minutes. Since there is a professional nephew, tourists are not coming for 1 hour now." Han Yushui smiled.

  As a village History of the city’s key construction, he once encountered the embarrassment of "talent shortness".

"Especially the venue, the oral image production, the new media communication talents, the town also provides our library, but a person is responsible for several museums and cannot meet the needs of the resort and the small team." Han Yushui recalls.

  It is a teacher and student who has changed is a teachers and students of the Cultural Communication Academy of Shandong Youth Political Academy.

They play professional advantages, not only to create a volunteer to explain the team, but also use new media to make QR code for the explanation of good voice works, for tourists, come with you, follow.

  Not only that, Lu Guohua led the students to provide nearly 40 villages’ oral video documentaries for the village History, but also through new technologies such as VR, combined with smart tourism, built the "Digital Museum" in the village, to make a special website, write a history of house, etc. Image enlargement, etc., helping to build a three-dimensional cultural communication system in the house.

  In 2016, Shandong Youth Political Academy proposed that local rural economic and social development is the core, paying attention to farmers, rural and agricultural issues, and cultivating application talents in the development of rural economic industries, and gets Laiwu City (now Jinan Laiwei District) Government support. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement, selecting the house and "first-line five villages" (Qi Changcheng along the five villages along the Yongcheng, including the giving of the Zheyuan, Yunpu, Shangfa Mountain, Zhongfa Mountain and Xiafu Shanwu) as a pilot, and conduct rural culture Investigate. In the survey, more heavy facts are in front of young teachers and students: accompanied by some traditional villages, there is a festive folk custom of the villagers’ life, the ritual etiquette is facing the loss, many village history is almost a blank . "We have arranged nearly 20 teachers, led nearly 100 students to fully in-depth invested countryside.

"Dean of the School of Communication Liushao Qin culture introduction, spread eventually Cultural Institute developed the" eight projects "as the core of rural culture spread practice services, namely, by" a book, a map, a video, a sound, a show , network, number one, a library, "and other projects to help villages build three-dimensional culture Communications system.

  The past four years, teachers and students of the School of Communication through culture "Qilu Wen vein" and other self-built micro-channel public number, one hundred published financial media presentations, documentaries and cultural creation more than 100 of the Hungry Ghost Festival Laiwu successfully declared as a national intangible cultural heritage effectively expand the influence and spread of power rural culture.

  Cultivating new liberal arts building, build a practical platform for historical reasons, Shandong Youth Political College School of Communication under the Ministry of Culture radio and television, broadcasting and hosting art, three Chinese language and literature major, long-standing professional barriers, barriers obviously not conducive to personnel training and long-term development disciplines. College adapt to the new situation of the development of higher education, for social needs, the integration of three professional, training and Compound financial-borne talents, thus following the earlier practice and cross new liberal arts in the country, coordination, integration and development of construction idea.

  The personnel training "Shan mode" will soon be recognized, in 2021, radio and television, broadcasting and hosting art professional approved both the national first-class professional construction project. New construction in the liberal arts college campuses not only the rural culture outside the campus, "three-dimensional" spread possible, but with the "Chinese Regional Culture Communication Research Center" practical platform to promote each other. The center was established in 2018, currently has a research direction revitalization of rural studies, regional culture and communication studies, folklore and other non-material cultural heritage research, and actively carry out services in rural revitalization Qilu model of regional culture communication studies and social surveys. Three years ago, Lu Guohua entry Culture Communication Institute, has become a key member of China Research Center geographical spread of culture. Entry formalities just run, he led the team headlong into Laiwu countryside.

  Two years, four summer vacation, over 90 weekends, Lu Guohua and his "earthworm field" street studio members, interviews examined, photographed the villages and village appearance Atlas thousands of sheets, personal audio description number of villagers gather material one hundred G, completion of its creation documentary "Fanggan Year customs – please Sagrada Familia" "black Dragon – Dragon King temple fair", "village meeting" and other imaging chip 12, collects raw data material culture has a large number of precious value. Dr. Lu Yan 36-year-old also has its own studio, called "princess cat" in the area of ??cultural transmission and course of the study, the studio she featured as "New Media + local culture." Short video of the traditional opera Laiwu clapper, beautiful figure moving local cuisine, as well as original music conveys respect for the heritage of non-heritage skills …… "rural culture based on research and dissemination of practical application perspective, and promote Forced disciplines, professional integration and development, not only to enhance teachers’ scientific research and teaching, and enhance the application-oriented culture media personnel training effectiveness, it is a vivid political theory and ideological education, so that our teachers and students to understand the grassroots level, to understand the grassroots, grassroots level. "The school culture School of Communication, said party secretary Wang Lianfeng. Words and deeds cultivate compound talents beginning to achieve a good outcome of the platform will bring out a group of good teacher, a good teacher and would affect a number of good students.

Currently, the school has more than 20 college cultural transmission studio teachers, teachers words and deeds, the students progress is obvious.

  Alone local culture dissemination of research level, the college students published nearly 10 papers, above the provincial level Daiso approved more than 20 projects, more than 20 branches spread rural culture of social practice research team obtained the university and provincial recognition. Lu teacher to go along with research students also slowly changed a lot. Lu Guohua state when the first students to participate in the rural culture research aptly called "both dislike and despise" the face of the old man to end the best hospitality sugar, some students find it too curl one’s lip. Gradually, with in-depth investigation, the students are often filled with a sense of history about the elderly moved to tears.

  "So, these simple villagers who have so many worthy things we fear, such as the responsibility, to play, dedication, hard work, they are the excellent Chinese history and culture. Previously, we feel that these empty phrases are very vague, see seen or touched.

"In the" earthworm field "studio to be a three-year-old member of the 2016 yellow Veyron say the voice of the students.

  Tao Jing Ze professional broadcast commentator has served in multiple volunteer village Historica, History Museum, explain the process, more than once she was impressed by revolutionaries of glorious deeds.

In her view, the significance of this project is to practice "can be moved by the sound transmitted to more people."

  3-4 times per year to the countryside and cultural research, and the fishermen ate together, three students have completed professional video work …… look back on four years of university, professional Radio and Television Wu Jing Ya Tan words, it is these practical projects to make their rapid growth, has become a "dream place to start": "before, never imagined a small village actually contains so many cultures.

After graduation, I began to consciously reach more customs around the world.

"Wu Jing Ya brewing venture has thus gradually forming. Today, graduation year, she opened one to" play up non-left "for the main project of the company, with the new media technologies to more people show Intangible Cultural Heritage cultural, and business incubation using the alma mater of equipment and technology. the new liberal arts focus, targeting the pace of application type, Shan hospital will not stop exploring, deputy party secretary of Shandong Youth political College, Dean Zhang Shuming said. Zhongguo Qingnian Bao · Youth Ting correspondent network correspondent Xing Jiang Taotao (Editor: Haomeng Jia, Xu Xiong) share to allow more people to see.