What should you pay attention to in anemia?


What should you pay attention to in anemia?

There are many reasons for anemia, lack of vitamins, nutritional imbalance, genetics, etc. are common causes of anemia. In addition, some bad habits can also cause anemia. If you are not careful in your daily life, maybe you will find anemia.about you.

Then we should pay attention to some small details in our daily life?

What should I pay attention to in preventing anemia?

Precautions for preventing anemia 1. The pressure on modern people is relatively high.

Work stress, life pressure, like a mountain, people will be overwhelmed.

People keep thinking about it all day long, and thinking will consume a lot of blood, while thinking and hurting the spleen, the spleen is transported, the spleen injury reverses the formation of blood, affects the function of the spleen and stomach, digests and absorbs decay, over time, qi and bloodIt will be insufficient, which is why modern women are anemic.

2, life’s irregular mental fatigue, excessive physical exertion, sleep can not be guaranteed, so that health is affected, but also promote the cause of anemia.

3, hematopoietic function is reduced, with the increase of age, the micron stem cells gradually reduce the possibility, so that the elderly hematopoietic function is significantly reduced, the number of red blood cells is reduced, is the main cause of anemia.

4, the need for iron in short supply of adolescent girls grows vigorously, the amount of iron required far exceeds the general needs, if you do not pay attention to increase nutrition, do not timely add iron, it is prone to iron deficiency anemia.

5, over-nutrition modern people’s living standards have improved, every day there are a large number of chickens, ducks, fish, eggs, milk and other fats can eat more, delicious things become too much, will increase the burden of decomposition of the stomach, liver digestionThe excretion of the kidney must also be overloaded. Over time, the visceral function is reduced, and the accumulation of toxins in the body can easily cause qi and blood stasis, and the blood is not adjusted.

6, blind weight loss women’s demand for iron is inherently greater, but if you are blindly losing weight in order to pursue slim body, instead of local diet, eating iron-rich food substitute, even picky eaters, partial eclipse, is also very easy to cause anemia.
7, exercise less exercise can promote the discharge of human toxins, new blood regeneration, maintain a healthy state.

Modern people eat well, exercise less, so the accumulation of toxins in the body, can not be excreted in time, it will cause blood and blood stasis.

8, long-term high-pressure exercise sweat concentration of iron can reach 40-60 micrograms / ml, excessive sweating, excessive sweating, iron loss increased; after exercise, the body’s need for iron increased accordingly; reduced, intense exercise will also damageThe red blood cells, or the muscle damage caused by excessive loss of iron, so long-term fatal movement is easy to cause iron deficiency in the body.

9, the problem of life itself, the cause of anemia, the increased pollution of the living environment, irregular work habits, unhealthy lifestyles, etc., will also disappear our blood, and affect the regeneration of blood, leading to physical bloodInsufficient, poor blood.

10, the disease affects chronic diarrhea and interventional dysfunction and other effects on iron absorption.

11, food intake reduces the taste and smell of the elderly, tooth pain and chewing difficulty, which affects the intake of a variety of nutrients, resulting in vitamin B12, folic acid and iron deficiency caused by anemia.

12, erythropoietin levels decreased and gradually reduced age, simultaneous renal blood flow decreased and retinal angiotensin secretion decreased, so that red blood cell count and hemoglobin value decreased, the cause of this anemia is particularly obvious in men.

In summary, healthy living habits will not only suffer from anemia but also avoid some other complications. For your own health, it is recommended to develop good living habits and stay away from the symptoms of anemia.