Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuanggencino drive platform construction


Original title: Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuangyuan innovative drive platform construction (Reporter Zhang Mei) On October 22 The important content of "I do practical practice" is "practical", accelerate the introduction of talents and integration of talents at home and abroad. Establish Qin Chuangyuan to reference high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent projects.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department issued "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project program", formulating "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project operation guide", continuous improvement of Qin Chuangyuan High-level innovation entrepreneurial talents, conditions and procedures . Up to now, the Provincial Science and Technology Department collects more than 280 key technical problems and high-level talent requirements for more than 50 enterprises in new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, Internet of Things. Talent demand special conference, introduce demand to professional talent institutions such as 27 Ministry of Hiwei Service Station and Hui Temple, Zhilian. At the same time, 16 Qin Chuanghara referred to a high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent project to quickly advance, support Shaanxi Auto Holding Group, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute and Tangjing Quantum and other high-tech enterprises introduced equipment manufacturing, photon communication, integrated circuit and 15 high-level scientific and technological talents in the field of biotechnology, and 1 independent innovation entrepreneur. Implement a national and provincial foreign expert project.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department focuses on project units to cooperate with "high-stricken" foreign experts and innovative teams that meet the needs of our province, carry out forward scientific research, key technical research and major achievements transformation, and collect 2022 provincial foreign expert projects. 72 items intended to introduce 300 foreign foreign experts, and recommend 30 high-end foreign expert projects to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Coordinate layout construction of the province’s intelligence demonstration base and service station. According to statistics, the province was approved for 821 national university disciplines, 8 national universities, and 50 national discipline innovation bases accumulated 50 in the forefront.

In order to better gather outstanding Chinese and foreign talents, build scientific research and innovation platforms, promote the promotion of intelligence results, and 46 provincial-level national intelligence demonstration bases this year, including 16 national categories, university foundation innovation Torn demonstration base 30.

In addition, the province is constructed to introduce the leading policy system, establish overseas offshore innovation centers, increase flexible talents and promote the sharing of intelligence resources. Up to now, the province has declared 16 overseas offshore innovation centers. It is reported that the Provincial Science and Technology Department also collects more than 40 intersection and industrialization in the province, accelerating the transformation of the intersection of the intersection resources and the industrialization and accelerating the transfer transformation of the intersection. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.