Excessive body light red light


Excessive body light red light

The precise meaning of hyperactivity is to shrink the body overworked.

If muscles and joints feel tired and sore, it will not function properly.

Therefore, excessive persistence leads to a greater risk of injury to the body.

Over time, excessive exercise will destroy the immune system and cause menopause.

  To avoid excessive exercise, should you keep track of your situation?


For example, how many miles per week?

How long did it take?

Or you can do these things with a qualified instructor.

Excessive exercise can also be a sign of your addiction to sports or “fascination with sports”, which is similar to “disorder of eating.”

(The athletes who are preparing for the competition and the novices who love sports are most likely to have this situation).

Finally, you should get enough rest in the temporary interruption of the drill.

  Symptoms of over-exercise include: * Fatigue strength is not continued * Reduced * Acute injuries, such as twisted sprains * No progress in exercise, even overcoming * Difficult to fall asleep * Tensions and uneasiness * Loss of appetite * Regardless of illness or injury, still exercising fitness * Life pace is completeFocus on sports, ignoring the promise of family and friends * When you miss the time of exercise, there will be irrational anger and guilt. * Sustained sweating or sweating * Colds such as colds, this is because the immune system is weakTriggered