Full strategy for physical fitness after exercise


Full strategy for physical fitness after exercise

People who regularly press for high-intensity exercise should continuously replenish the consumed glycogen, water and potassium every day.

In addition, phosphate and water should be replenished within 30 minutes after exercise, and the brakes can quickly restore physical strength.

Therefore, a recipe suitable for physical recovery after exercise should meet the following conditions: a lot of liquid foods such as water, juices, sports drinks, soups and water-transferring fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, grapes, oranges, watermelons, lettuce and cucumbers);Carbohydrate foods such as noodles, potatoes, rice, bread, fruits, yogurt; some potassium-based foods such as potatoes, bananas, oranges, orange juice and raisins; vitamins B and C help to process the metabolites accumulated in the body as soon as possibleTherefore, eating foods with vitamins B and C can eliminate fatigue; Contains a large amount of oxygen in active water, which can quickly relieve the body’s fatigue; 过多 Excessive metabolic consumption of high-protein human body can also cause fatigue, so you should eat more.Protein tofu, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc .; alkaline foods eat more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, dairy products and animal livers rich in protein and vitamins.

After these foods are digested and absorbed by the human body, they can quickly reduce the acidity of the blood, neutralize the balance and reach weak alkalinity, thereby eliminating fatigue.