Father’s Love Is Equally Important Before Babies Three


“Father’s Love” Is Equally Important Before Babies Three

The first society the child came into contact with was the family, and his first enlightenment teacher was his parents.
Parents play an equally important role in the growth of their children.
Although the phrase “genius is often created by the father” is definitely a bit, but from the perspective of parents’ psychological differences and parenting characteristics, it makes sense.
Both boys and girls, rely on their mothers to grow up before the age of three.
But after 3 years of age, the boy’s upbringing will gradually lean towards his father.
However, before the child is 3 years old, the role of the father in the development of the child cannot be ignored.
Father’s recognition of children’s “love” values, balanced development of personality, and identification of identity all play a vital role.
Before the age of 2 children need to confirm their love. Many fathers feel that they are careless and impatient, so they have less contact with babies before the age of 3, and even think that education before the age of 3 is entirely a mother’s business.
Experts point out that this is a misunderstanding of most young dads at present.
Before the age of 2 is the key period for the child’s “security”. During this period, the child judges the existence value of the individual through the collection of external information, and whether he can trust himself and others, if he is constantly in the process of living with his parents”I am cute”, he can get a positive response whenever he needs help and attention, and also confirm “I am valuable”, “My parents love me very much, I can love myself, I can also loveother people”.
In the process of establishing this “security”, if the feedback from both parents or one of the children to the child is not positive and careless, then the information collected by the child will be “I am not important, I have no value, and my parents are notLove me, I am annoying for nothing “, the direct result is that the child” has no self-confidence, it is difficult to believe in the people around him “.
The child’s “confirmation of love” and “safety” come from both parents. If the child’s “confirmation of love” only comes from the mother, then the establishment of the child’s “safety” is also difficult to complete.
Therefore, before the child is 3 years old, he also needs the father’s attention and active participation in parenting.
Balanced Personality Development with Parents Generally speaking, men’s personality is more “courageous and confident to venture and explore the outside world”, and women tend to be conservative and careful.
Therefore, in the process of raising children, if the child often stays with the mother, the personality is more sensitive, and the adaptation time to the new environment is longer.
Conversely, if a child interacts with his father more often, he will be more brave, like to explore new things, and will be more independent and confident in his personality.
Before the child is 3 years old, it is a critical period for the child’s cognitive ability, physical fitness, social, language, and personality to form the environment in which he lives. At this stage, the role of the father will play a vital role in the child’s acquired ability and personality.Important role.