Five misunderstandings of women’s winter blood


Five misunderstandings of women’s winter blood

Replenishing blood is a job that women do throughout their lives. Women must have menstruation every month; they have to “blood loss” when giving birth, so blood replenishment has become a must-do for many women in their daily lives.

So, which method has better blood effect?

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that “Mulberry can replenish the five internal organs, sharpen joints, pass blood, calm down and calm the eyes.

“Mulberry is a good blood supplement for women.

However, many women do n’t know what to do with blood, so let ‘s introduce one of the five misunderstandings of women ‘s blood in winter.

  Fruits and vegetables are not conducive to iron supplementation Many people do not know how to eat vegetables. Fruits are also good for iron supplementation.

This is because trace amounts of vitamin C, citric acid, and malic acid in vegetables and fruits. These organic acids can form complexes with iron, thereby increasing the solubility of iron in the interconnections and facilitating the absorption of iron.

  Eating more meat is not good for your body. Some women are misleading about the meat promoted in general advertisements. They only pay attention to the health effects of plant foods, which leads to too little intake of animal foods that cause iron.

In fact, animal foods are even rich in iron, and their absorption rate is high, reaching 25%.

The iron content in plant foods is disturbed by phytate and oxalate in the food, and the absorption rate is very low, about 3%.

Therefore, avoid meat that is prone to cause iron deficiency anemia, and in daily diet, the intake of vegetables, fruits and meat should be balanced.

  Drinking more coffee and tea may help MM. Excessive drinking of coffee and tea may cause iron deficiency anemia.

This is because the inorganic acids in tea and the polyphenols in coffee can form hardly soluble salts with iron and inhibit iron absorption.

Therefore, women’s legal coffee and tea should be enough, one or two cups a day.

  The effect of brown sugar is better. The folks have always said that brown sugar water can make blood, and women often drink brown sugar water to make blood during menstrual period or after delivery.

However, experts point out that brown sugar water has no magical effects such as blood tonic.

Relevant experts said that brown sugar does not have the magical effects of people’s legendary “Yiqi Yangxue”, “promote uterine contraction, expel postpartum intrauterine congestion, and lead to an early recovery of the uterus.”And brown sugar is not purified enough, it will contain impurities.

  If anemia improves, stop taking iron. Anemia patients need to take iron according to the doctor’s instructions. After seeing anemia improvement or stabilization, stop taking it. This is also a mistake.

This can have the consequence of a recurrence of anemia.

The correct way is to take iron to treat iron deficiency anemia. After the anemia is stable, continue to take iron for 6 to 8 weeks to supplement the stored iron in the body.

  The above are the six misunderstandings of women’s winter blood, have you made it?

It should be noted that some women will think that health products can replace anemia treatment. This is a wrong idea. Health products can only supplement blood for women, and cannot replace iron for distance treatment.