“I know you have a girlfriend.,But your girlfriend seems to be more than one.?


Don’t you watch my sister, silently, you are not?”
Zhao Xiaoli said this,Li Hui also doesn’t know how to answer it.。
After all, he comes to the other party is completely trunked to each other.。
Who can think of this?。
Before,He feels that the other party has been completely dead.。
“Scull,This kind of thing can’t really be reluctant。”
“All right,All right,You hurry to comfort,I didn’t say that you have to be together.,Hurry up.。”
Li Hui Feng hesitated,In the end, I decided to chase out.。
Let him not think about it,Just out of the door, he saw Zhao Xiaoling, standing below the raft.。
Planting grapes last year,The budged in this time,If managed in place,This year, you should climb the grapes.。
Zhao Xiaoling is also staring at the little grape leaves at this time.,I don’t know what I want to write.。
“Hey-hey,Ling Sister,sorry!”
“What are you sorry??”
Facing the sudden apology of Li Hui Feng,It’s a glimpse of Zhao Xiaoling.。
I can’t say anything about Li Hui Feng.,To say hate,She still can’t hate it.。
After all, Li Xiang is clear and white, and she is clear.。
But she didn’t know why Li Hui Hui’s favorite eyes of her sister.,She will not stand it.。
I can’t help but get angry。
“Forehead,I don’t know.,Just now, you are angry.,sorry。”
“no,Don’t say,I am not angry.,Just, you are always looking for me, I don’t feel very uncomfortable.。”
Original Li Hui also thought that the other party really said with Zhao Xiaoli.,Is what he interests。
But he heard this,He is instantaneous and tone.。
“Hey-hey,Not anymore,Not anymore,As long as the Ling Sister is not angry,Then I will continue to go back to the item,I didn’t do it in these days.,After all, the work is not tired.,It is a special thing that needs to be approved.。”
“No need to color,I do,But I have a condition。”
I still have the conditions for Zhao Xiaoling.,Li Hui’s heart is also a bit bad in the heart.。
“Forehead,you say,As long as I can do it,Do not violate my willingness,I agree。”
“Condition is very simple,I ask you a question.,Do you tell me。”
“Forehead,it is good。”
Li Huihe heard such a simple request,I am very happy in my heart.,Dark Road, the opponent finally didn’t look for him.。
“You tell the truth,If I am like my sister,Will you be with me??”
An exit of this problem,Li Hui is stunned.。
Zhao Xiaoling is even more shameful and beautiful.。
“Don’t be stupid,Say it!”
Chapter 1,177
This question, Li Hui, I don’t know how to answer for a time.。
Zhao Xiaoling is more young than Zhao Xiaoli,More beautiful,If it is really like,He really can’t guarantee。
But if you say the truth,He is afraid that the other party really has to pay for the heart like Zhao Xiaoli.,He is not a kind of horse,Don’t want to abuse so。